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I work for Bosch Software Innovations as marketing consultant for the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past, I was part of international technology and innovation marketing teams. What I enjoy most in my job is sharing with a greater audience the passion that engineers put in developing a high-tech product. My background is a master in communications and a diploma in politics. I love travelling to Asia and spending time with my favorite gadgets, my iPhone and iPad.
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Urbanville – a showcase for a smart city platform

At Bosch ConnectedWorld 2014, two of my colleagues explained ‘Urbanville’, an app demonstrator showcasing potential functionalities used in smart city environments. Urbanville is based on a software platform that connects software and backend systems with for example public services, such as bus networks, parking lot management, waste collection, and information on road works. It provides up-to-date information to users and helps various city departments to operate more efficiently. As best communication works both ways, Urbanville also has a crowd sourcing function that illustrates how people can actively participate in and improve city life. So in addition to the existing fault recognition system, users will be able to log relevant visual and status information about the condition of public services.

Watch the video here:

On butterflies – and high-end home automation

Bernhard Dörstel from Busch-Jaeger Elektro, an ABB company and market leader in the area of electrical installation technology, used the image of a caterpillar and its metamorphosis to a butterfly as synonym for the development of home automation into a mass market. In his opinion, the following trends will influence this particular market segment:

  1. Networking – connected people, smart things (Internet of Things)
  2. Silver revolution – staying young while getting old
  3. Female shift – women define the future (and are the decision-makers for anything that comes “into the house”)

At the Bosch ConnectedWorld Conference, Mr. Dörstel outlined that ‘best agers’ are best targeted by high-end home automation as they combine both above average income and budget to spend as well as above average interest in technology (audio/video devices, smartphones, tablets). Therefore, the most successful sales channels are electricians and installers – more than 60,000 alone in Germany.

Watch here the highlights of Bernhard Dörstel’s presentation.

Connecting ‘everything’ creates economic value and makes lives easier

“We both share the same vision on the Internet of Things”, said Michael Ganser from Cisco about the collaboration with Bosch at the ConnectedWorld 2014 conference in Berlin. In our video he explains the benefits of the connected world of the future:

The future of manufacturing: Industry 4.0 and factory automation are no longer buzzwords

Thomas Löffler from McKinsey opened the manufacturing track at the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2014 conference. Being one of the “early birds in IoT”, he argues that the Internet of Things has already become reality in manufacturing and that companies will need a ‘digital blueprint’ to be ready for its challenges. Bosch’s Andreas Müller – also known as ‘RFID Müller’ :-) in the industry and German Wirtschaftswoche calls him the ‘master of things’ – gave an outlook on how RFID technology can be complemented in the future by smart sensors for better supporting the supply chain. Uwe Lindemann from Bosch Rexroth is responsible for factory automation and knows that the Internet of Things has already left infancy in the manufacturing industry.

Watch this short video with highlights of their presentations to get some more information about the future of manufacturing.

What are Bosch’s success factors for the Internet of Things?

Watch here a short video with the Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner on three aspects that he thinks make Bosch successful in the Internet of Things:

1) Intelligent devices
2) Software
3) Innovative business models

Ready for a connected world

As great numbers of devices are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), a new domain is being created – one that touches on nearly every facet of our lives. New customer-centric business models are taking shape. At many levels, Bosch is taking advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Watch here a short wrap-up video from the Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner, keynoting at the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2014 in Berlin.


What’s hot from Bosch ConnectedWorld conference?

Good morning Berlin and to all out there in the connected world!

For a fresh start into the day, watch here our two wrap-up videos from Bosch ConnectedWorld 2014. Stay tuned and make sure you follow us on twitter at @BoschSI – hashtag #bcw14.

Business conference track

Technology conference track

#bcw14 is your entrance ticket to the connected world

We are all excited – the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2014 conference has opened today.

More than 400 technical and business decision makers, analysts and thought leaders from all over the world share their thoughts about the business potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

In case you couldn’t make it to Berlin, here is a short wrap-up of the first day. Read more…

May we introduce you to smart sensors?

CES 2014 was bursting with the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Bosch showcased smart sensors that connect everyday home systems to a smart phone. Ever forgot to turn down the heating before leaving your home? Smart sensors make it possible to regulate not only temperature, but also other atmospheric conditions. Meet my colleague Thorsten Müller from Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions.


Why business model innovation is so important in the Internet of Things

I started my career in the area of satellite communications. After just two months with the company, I spent a transatlantic flight (plenty of time to talk…) with the CTO of the company, who was also one of its founders. As a complete newbie to the high-tech world, I asked him what made him a) found the company and b) still be there 30 years later. “I feel like a 20th century pioneer,” he told me. His lifetime achievement was to lay the groundwork for commercializing technology that enables communication between the earth and satellites that are 36,000 kilometers up in the sky.

Now, I work for Bosch Software Innovations. And guess what: once again, I meet pioneers. 21st century pioneers making the Internet of Things (IoT) come true. However, what I’ve learned for the IoT is that it is not just technology that counts. Finding successful business models is equally important – and no less demanding.

Meet my colleague Markus Weinberger, in my view also one of those pioneers, who is systematically working at the Bosch IoT Lab (University of St. Gallen, HSG) to assess existing business model patterns and blend them with the world of the internet and the world of things. His motivation is to help all those who want to press forward in this new IoT world by understanding new business models and supporting their work with good tools and methods.