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I hold a diploma degree of business management with a specialization in information systems and business process reengineering and work for Bosch Software Innovations since 2001. After more than a decade developing and consulting in the fields of enterprise java and web applications, I am working as the product manager in charge of the Visual Rules Suite. To give you a personal glimpse: I enjoy my lively life with my triplets, cooking, writing for different technology magazines aswell as for food blogs.
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Tenant-aware business rules management (BRM)


With the latest release of our business rules management platform Visual Rules 6.0, we switched the underlying system architecture to complete tenant-awareness. Sounds pretty neat. But what does this imply? Why did we decide for multitenancy support? Please go on reading to learn more about it. Read more…

On how big data is shaping future business

Let´s start with something big. Something really big. So big, that it becomes awkward to work with, Wikipedia says. I´m talking about data. Big data. Here we go:

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Different perspectives on the internet of things

Internet of things topics are spreading in the blogosphere. This particular blog is a manifest. But only in the blogosphere? No, not at all. We will also present a lot of different perspectives on it at various events this year. One of the events is the CeBIT 2012 in Hannover/Germany. There will be a series of presentations at our booth, which I would like to introduce to you, briefly.

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Business Rules at Work in Postal and Logistic Services

The extent of government regulation of postal services in the US is relatively – some would say, astonishingly – high. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has a monopoly on the last mile, in other words, the actual delivery to the recipient. Other logistics providers compete to provide preparatory postal services, such as bundling and sorting mailings and delivery to USPS.

For major customers, these service providers generally offer fixed rates, which means that they can only improve their own profit margins when they can exhaust the best possible USPS discounts. At the same time, they face the risk of offering a rate structure that is too advantageous, at least for them. Discounts that are wrongly taken lead inexorably to significant fines from USPS and negatively impact profit margins.

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Visual Rules Suite 11.3 out now!

I am very happy to announce the newest release of our Visual Rules Suite today!

The Visual Rules Suite offers tools and platforms to create agile enterprise applications, which make business processes quickly adaptable. The core component of the suite is a business rules management platform.

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New studies on Business Rules Platforms

Two new studies regarding Business Rules Platforms have been released only recently: one study presents the current situation on the market and the other forecasts two future business rules trends.

Our Visual Rules Suite was part of the reviews. As a result of the briefings, the analysts highlighted different assets of our business rules management platform. For instance our efforts, we have been investing in easier integration with other products as well as better performance and manageability for large-scale implementations. But also the various ways the Visual Rules Suite empowers business experts to do rule-authoring by themselves.

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Poll results: Essential (Java) technologies for the ‘Internet of Things’

In our recent poll we asked for your opinion regarding essential (Java) technologies for the ‘Internet of Things’. About 300 voters casted their votes, the percentage distribution is displayed below, please note that multiple responses were possible:

Essential Technologies for the Internet of Things

Essential Technologies for the Internet of Things

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Poll: Which (Java) technologies do you regard as essential for the ‘Internet of Things’?

The Internet of Things will affect people´s everyday lifes, at least that is what we believe. In just a few years from now, it is expected that billions of devices and systems will be able to exchange data independently. Bosch Software Innovations has already come up with some initial practical applications in connection with the internet of things. In close cooperation with other Bosch business units we introduced internet technologies to telehealth, electric mobility, and cloud-based security and building automation only recently. But this is just the beginning…

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Interview with our Dr. Thomas Weber on cars21.com

Future mobility invented by Bosch

Bosch Software Innovations has developed a software and hardware platform for charging infrastructure that will be open to all e-mobility stakeholders including electric utilities, charging spot manufacturers, mobility service providers, fleets, electric vehicle manufacturers, parking lot managers and single drivers. cars21.com has talked to Thomas Weber, Director at Bosch Software and System House, about projects where Bosch is currently using this platform.

Continue reading on: www.cars21.com

Visual Rules 5.0 out now!

We are happy and proud to announce the new
major release of our Visual Rules Suite today!

At first, a big Thank you! to everyone who has contributed to this release:
Good job, lads and gents! :) Read more…