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I have a graduate degree in management with a specialization in geography (University Augsburg, Germany). Since 2003, I work for Bosch Software Innovations: I have built up marketing for Visual Rules, our Business Rules Management System and contributed in winning customers around the globe. Since January 2009, I run the Marketing Technology team at Bosch Software Innovations, an agile team of eight associates, all trying to permanently catch market and technology trends and focused on making technology a real experience. I have been writing for different technology magazines (e.g. JavaMagazine). When I don´t work, I love to spend time with my daughter and in my running shoes.
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Survey with CeBIT visitors: What´s most important in the IoTS, now and in the future?

The Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) is a term that means different things to different people. Visitors to our Bosch CeBIT booth were given the chance to experience the IoTS first hand with 4 different showcases in Mobility, Energy, Home and Building as well as Industry. We took the opportunity to ask them about their opinion and evaluation of IoTS. Here are the results of our survey, highlighting Bosch software products and solutions of particular relevance to the Internet of Things and Services, both now and in future.


Survey on IoTS software

The results of our CeBIT survey on IoTS software interest now and in the future


Most interesting is the clear focus on BPM that could be an enabler to IoTS projects.

Does this match with your evaluation and experience?

Many thanks to those who took part in the survey.

All participants were entered into a prize draw to win one of three Bosch IXO cordless drills. Here are the lucky winners, two of whom gave us permission to name them:

  1. Thomas Krause
  2. Sebastian Just

Congratulations, Thomas and Sebastian!

See you soon in the IoTS!

The Energy Market – Today and in the Future

Managing Distributed Energy Systems

Managing Distributed Energy Systems

We are currently witnessing a paradigm shift in today’s energy market. From the dogma of a production structure with large power plants to a world of many small, distributed power generation systems. Low voltage networks are especially affected by these changes and are facing new challenges. Today, the many distributed power generation systems are connected to the low voltage grid, but not tansparently. Consequently, distribution grid operators are forced to react instead of being able to act in order to ensure network stability.

While large power plants operate based on accurate and agile schedules, decentralized power generation plants are often operated along subsidy policies and not according to the forces of the electricity market. This leads to an uncontrollable volatility in production and highly fluctuating market prices. It also forces transmission and distribution network operators to maintain high balance energy capacities in order to ensure grid stability. Read more…

Bosch and M2M

Most of you know that Bosch is seriously addressing a variety of Internet of Things markets, e.g. urban solutions with Monaco 3.0 or smart electromobility in Singapore. With partners of different business units, we at Bosch Software Innovations are working on real-life solutions – mostly with the focus on new business models – that are now possible with new stakeholders, devices or machines (the »things«) being connected to each other which haven’t been able to exchange data before. Moreover this data is smartly analyzed as for using smart appliances in a smarter home. (Also see the post on “smart versus connected” in this blog.) Read more…

CeBIT 2012: Our “Connected World Tour” for the Bosch Top Management

Caroline Buck kicks of the connected world tour for Franz Fehrenbach and Siegfried Dais and explains the technology behind Bosch Software Innovations’ system and service platform

Caroline Buck kicks off the connected world tour for Franz Fehrenbach and Siegfried Dais and explains the technology behind Bosch Software Innovations’ system and service platform

CeBIT is giant and nowadays a must-be show for us. We had a packed week full of very good encounters. However, my personal highlight was the visit of Franz Fehrenbach and Siegfried Dais, two representatives of the Bosch Group’s top management. Our team prepared what we call a “Connected World Tour” to showcase the size of our customer base, how fast we are in developing new applications, and how well integrated our solutions are in the market. I must say, our guests soaked up our technology showcases and discussed where we see our USPs, but also gaps in our portfolio. All in all, a very enjoyable and talkative morning at a mega event, where everybody’s schedule is usually dominated by rushing from appointment to appointment.

Read more…

A World Full of Interesting Things: And a New Lab for the Internet of Things

Bosch and HSG collaborate: Think tank for the internet of things

Bosch and HSG collaborate: Think tank for the internet of things

That´s inspiring: Bosch is now working very closely with the renowned University of St. Gallen. In fact, Bosch and HSG have founded a lab with the special focus on doing research for the internet of things and services. Even more concrete, the aim is a think tank environment for business models to make them viable.

A team of Bosch experts and HSG scientists is already doing research in the field of connected mobility. Another focus field is supposed to be connected buildings.

I am very excited to see the first results before the end of this year. One thing is evident: My colleagues working at this lab have fascinating jobs. At the campus of HSG, they have room to do research while being at the same time at the edge of real business. Read more…

New BPM & BRM setting for the Internet of Things & Services

We are excited to welcome our new colleagues from inubit, Berlin. Shortly, they will start to contribute in this blog with their business process management (BPM) expertise.

inubit Suite will complement our Visual Rules Suite (for Business Rules Management) and our other platforms (for device and service management) with BPM and business data management. With this setting, Bosch is well-equipped to implement new services in the Internet of Things context, as with our eMobility services.

The direction for Bosch Software Innovations to go is to connect services, devices, and systems in an intelligent way – to enable new profitable business models. Stay tuned to find out more about this new technology setting.

Application Assessment Process modeled with inubit Suite (BPM)

Application Assessment Process modeled with inubit Suite (BPM)

Our Blog’s first Birthday – Celebrate with us

It’s hard to believe that the Bosch Software Innovations Technology Blog started one year ago.  Time has gone by quickly and today we celebrate the first birthday of our blog with post number 30!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all blog readers, feed subscribers and of course all of our blog authors.  Many colleagues from Bosch Software Innovations were open to share and discuss their expert knowledge with the communities – the business rules and business process people, the Internet of Things and Services world and the eMobility community.

It’s time to ask you:  What do you like about the blog?  What do you miss? What topics would be interesting for you? What can we do better?

See authors and readers congratulating the Technology Blog in this 40 second clip.
Have fun!



Poll results: Innovations & Internet of Things

Web 3.0 is a smarter web, enabling better ways to share information not only for computers, but also for even the most common things of our daily lifes. Predicted by technology evangelists and market researchers as well, the internet of things and services will have large impact on our lifes.

Read more…

Rule Types as a Methodology

Best Practices of many Business Rules Projects

We have a large team of rule consultants out there helping to start companies in different industries as finance, retail, manufacturing, government, and other to head start and navigate through their rule projects as smoothly as possible. This includes many tasks, as setting up processes for the cooperation of IT and business people, defining responsibilities, tool specific tips and tricks, and much more. One of the questions customers usually ask first is which proven methodologies they can apply to set up and build their business rules in a smart and scalable way. Read more…