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As Bachelor of Science in Media and Master of Science in Application Architecture I started at Bosch Software Innovations as software developer in 2009. Currently I'm project leader for various Internet of Things (IoT) projects. I am strongly involved in the possibilities of ubiquitous computing and the IoT.
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User Experience in an IoT Health Care Project

Healthy global ideas conceptIn this post I would like to tell you how we ran the user experience (UX) process for a health care project.
For me as a software engineer and consultant on IoT projects, UX is a very important topic. I think it is becoming more and more essential as a unique selling point. In my view it’s important to get users excited about using your product, both before they start to use it and once they are already using it. You want to get to a point where users of your product talk to their friends and colleagues filled with enthusiasm about the product they’re using. That’s what I try to achieve for all of the applications I’m working on. Read more…

Security in IoT – From a project view (Part 2)

In my first post here in this Security blog series, I explained how we do threat analysis and how we map potential security threats to software architecture. With this second post, I would like to share with you a more technical view of security. Get ready to roll your sleeves up for this hands-on session on securing an Internet of Things (IoT) application.

The first thing I would like to introduce is how to secure a document server. Please refer to the following illustration:

Secure content server

Access to a content database over an HTTP server from a single-sign-on (SSO) application

Read more…

Security in IoT – From a project view (Part 1)

Security in IoT I am constantly confronted with the challenging task to specify and implement security aspects for different IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Let me take a current project in the Automotive sector to illustrate a deep dive into the security matter.

One thing that needs to be considered is that it is very important to get to know your customer´s value and to understand why these are the values that are so important for him. Let´s start here with a threat analysis as this kind of analysis should always be the first thing when you start a new security concept. Read more…