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Volkmar Denner has been chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH and a limited partner of Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG since July 1, 2012. His corporate responsibilities include Corporate Strategy, Corporate Communications, Senior Executives, and Real Estate and Facilities. He is the chief technical officer, has corporate responsibility for Research and Advance Engineering, Engineering Coordination, and is responsible for Bosch Software Innovations and Healthcare Telemedicine.

Connected technology, connected world: social and commercial opportunities

Internet_of_Things_Application AreasSelf-driving cars, products that manufacture themselves and control factories – for a long time this has been the stuff of science fiction. Some of you might remember KITT, the talking car from the TV series Knight Rider, or the intelligent machine-type creatures that appeared in the movie Matrix Reloaded. Today however, fiction is being outpaced by reality when it comes to developing new technologies mainly through advances relating to the Internet of Things and Services (IoTS). But unlike fiction, reality delivers economic and social value: cars that warn one another of potential hazards make our roads safer, and connected factories offer increased flexibility and productivity.

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We want to connect the virtual and the physical world

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Throughout its 126-year history, the one thing that Robert Bosch GmbH has always done is make things. We produce injection systems and sensors, semiconductors, refrigerators, hammer drills, and much more. As a supplier of technology and services, Bosch primarily manufactures technical products and provides traditional services to go with them – and we will continue to do so. However, we realize that our business models are confronted with fundamental change. Networking over the internet is one of the most powerful global trends, but it is one that many companies still vastly underestimate. We must all come to terms with the fact that we stand before a paradigm shift and that the internet of things and services will bring root and branch changes to the world of business. While this presents huge opportunities, it also poses substantial challenges – and not just for Bosch.

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