Most of you know that Bosch is seriously addressing a variety of Internet of Things markets, e.g. urban solutions with Monaco 3.0 or smart electromobility in Singapore. With partners of different business units, we at Bosch Software Innovations are working on real-life solutions – mostly with the focus on new business models – that are now possible with new stakeholders, devices or machines (the »things«) being connected to each other which haven’t been able to exchange data before. Moreover this data is smartly analyzed as for using smart appliances in a smarter home. (Also see the post on “smart versus connected” in this blog.)

But it’s not all about discovering and practicing new business models. In a well established market, the M2M market, service providers have been optimizing business processes in traditional industries as manufacturing for a long time.  M2M technology has helped many manufacturers to monitor the condition of their machines in order to most efficiently maintain them and finally prevent any full stop or costly repair.

The IoT scenarios take these M2M approaches one step ahead to deliver value-add services based on connecting “things”. Just imagine location-based ads to be delivered either at the charging station as a point of contact to a well selected target group, or on a display mounted to an ebike on a GPS-base when passing the shop that has the special offer.The upcoming years will bring exciting new business models to the market, and there will be many remaining in research state. But there will also be many new ones that will contribute to making our lives greener, a bit better, or maybe just more comfortable and easier.

Watch out for Bosch in the Internet of Things as well as in M2M. And if you happen to be in Düsseldorf on September 5, 2012: Come and meet us at the M2M Summit.

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Stefanie Peitzker

I have a graduate degree in management with a specialization in geography (University Augsburg, Germany). Since 2003, I work for Bosch Software Innovations: I have built up marketing for Visual Rules, our Business Rules Management System and contributed in winning customers around the globe. Since January 2009, I run the Marketing Technology team at Bosch Software Innovations, an agile team of eight associates, all trying to permanently catch market and technology trends and focused on making technology a real experience. I have been writing for different technology magazines (e.g. JavaMagazine). When I don't work, I love to spend time with my daughter and in my running shoes.

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