In a recent blog post (Industry 4.0 – Germany takes first steps toward the next industrial revolution), Stefan Ferber gave us insights into how the Internet of Things (IoT) will affect the manufacturing industry. In a modern production facility, where machines, parts, and systems are connected to each other, information can be exchanged easily and quickly between the individual participants. This will not only allow us to react flexibly to changing requirements, but also optimize existing processes.

During a brief video interview at CeBIT 2013 we asked Martin Schäffler, Manager Industry 4.0, about the importance of IoT for the manufacturing industry, and if manufacturers can already make use of it today. One detail we can share with you upfront: predictive maintenance seems to be a solution quite ready for use. But see for yourself.

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Alexandra Enderle

I studied international management at a technical college in Karlsruhe, Germany. After graduating, I worked in online marketing for an international e-business company in the B2B sector. I am currently working as a marketing technology consultant for Bosch Software Innovations with a focus on predictive maintenance, Industry 4.0 and other manufacturing oriented Internet of Things topics.

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