Only recently, we exhibited at the eCarTec, one of the major trade shows for eMobility in Europe – so the organizer says and so the attendance approved. During the show I had the chance to take a walk through the halls and take a look at the exhibits.

My first impression is, that this “philosophy” is about to become reality. You could see a lot of electric vehicles – but not just electric vehicles like we were used to see in the past – like some clumsy plastic vehicle with hardly any space to sit in and without any means of comfort. No, these were proper cars with decent power and ranges of hundred or more kilometers. These were cars most of us could use for our daily mobility needs.

What struck me was the sheer number of companies offering charging stations. There were charging stations in all sizes and colors. Even a few quick charging stations were on exhibit. So the basic needs of charging the car at home, at work, at public stations during shopping or in urgent cases at quick charging stations were all addressed.

But not only were the end users focused at during the show. Also a lot of offerings for the companies and organizations that are about to set-up and operate such infrastructure solutions were properly addressed with market-ready products and services.

By judging the quality of the exhibits and the conversations I had with a lot of the exhibitors and visitors one really can tell that electric mobility from a technical point of few is about to become reality. Of course, there is still a lack of international standards, and of course there are improvements to be made in battery technology, electricity infrastructure, etc. But technically it is possible to bundle attractive eMobility packages. And the interest from public authorities and private companies is there to take the next steps and install the infrastructure like the eMobility Solution in more and more places.

Now it is up to all of us living in areas with an installed eMobility infrastructure or in areas where eMobility infrastructure projects are planned to get involved and to sincerely question our mobility habits and the cars we drive. I am pretty sure, for most of our mobility needs, an electric vehicle will do.

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I hold a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. Having worked in business development and product management functions for document management systems and CAD/CAM products and solutions I am currently working as a Marketing Technology Consultant for Bosch Software Innovations.

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