More and more electric vehicles for commercial use are available to the end user. Solutions for charging cars at home and at public places are elaborate and accessible at more and more places. Cloud solutions to manage charging infrastructure and electric fleets are being rolled-out in applications worldwide. Is this the breakthrough for eMobility in commercial use?

German projects “Drive eCharged” and “LivingLab BWe Mobil”

Several projects are running at the moment. The first results are published and can be discussed. One of these projects – Drive eCharged – reports, that electric vehicles are purpose ready. Drivers of the Bavarian Red Cross’ nursing service attest that 82% of their daily drives can be made with electric vehicles. On the plus side is also, that during the test phase they never had to report any delays or cancelations of appointments due to the electric vehicles. Nevertheless, they requested further improvements e.g. regarding the decreasing driving range during the cold winter months.

So, electromobility in this project is on a good way but not quite there for a 100% satisfaction rate.

Maybe that is one of the reasons, why the “Schaufenster Elektromobilität” in Baden-Württemberg – the LivingLab BWe Mobil – will have a closer look at special offers for SMEs and the commercial use of electric vehicles. 120 companies will join forces in 41 projects to develop practical solutions for the day by day use of EVs in the Stuttgart and Karlsruhe region. Bosch Software Innovations is among them in a leading position.

Getting in touch with potential end customers

So practical solutions are there and improvement processes are on the way. From a technical standpoint many issues are known and are being addressed at the moment. But what about the end customers? Do they really want to use and especially buy electric vehicles or complete mobility solutions based on EVs?

I had the opportunity of attending a very interesting event called E-Mobilitätstag organized by IHK Schwarzwald Baar Heuberg (a chamber of commerce in Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest). The event was very good organized and boasted a test drive of more than 20 electric vehicles. All of them provided by “EV aficionados” and regional car dealers. The event attracted more than 50 participants, most of them in leading positions of SMEs. The presentations by companies Better Place, Mennekes, and Bosch were followed by intense discussions on practical use cases and enthusiastic driving experiences.

The predominant impression for me was, that the interest in electric mobility is high – also and maybe especially within the SMEs and – surprise, surprise – in good distance to the often discussed mega city use cases.

Things are moving – and they’re moving in the right direction!

If you have more examples and experiences of EVs in commercial use – just drop me a line.

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Martin Schmid

I hold a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. Having worked in business development and product management functions for document management systems and CAD/CAM products and solutions I am currently working as a Marketing Technology Consultant for Bosch Software Innovations.

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  1. Ricardo

    Can you please name a few cloud solutions that are being rolled-out in applications worldwide?

  2. Martin

    Hello Ricardo,
    good to hear from you. You may want to have a look at our website
    Our cloud solutions for eMobility are used in Singapore, several projects in Europe and the US.
    If you need more information or if you want to discuss specific use cases you are more than welcome to get in direct contact with me. Looking forward to a chat with you.

    Best regards,


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