The Internet of Things is coming straight into our pockets – mobile devices will play an important role for many areas of application. Bosch Software Innovations is currently developing a software platform, that brings together the things (e.g. a video camera), their events (e.g. a tampering with the camera), and the services (e.g. a process that directs a security guard to check the camera). Of course, some of those events might eventually require direct human interactions — wherever you are! For some events — like a fire alarm — there is simply no time to wait until you login into your computer. For others it is just inconvenient — like seeing that your fridge is running out of milk.

inubit app for mobile BPM

inubit app for mobile BPM

The traditional approach of integrating mobile devices and processes was either by creating individual apps (takes a long time) or providing mobile web-pages (often very simple with no active push notifications, etc.). A way of overcoming those trade-offs (time vs. functionality/usability) is a mobile front-end app for our business process management suite that handles processes, forms, reports, and documents out of the box — just like you would expect from an integrated solution. The user needs to install a mobile app and can access and use his processes on the go. All the configuration required is done graphically via BPMN and XML technology on the server backend.

A new version of the “inubit App for Mobile BPM” for iPhone has just been released, including support for retina displays and multitasking. If you’ve got an iPhone, head over to the iTunes App Store and download a free copy to try out a sample process. If not, please enjoy our demo video on YouTube.

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Frank Puhlmann

Dr. Frank Puhlmann is responsible for Project Methodology and Architecture at Bosch Software Innovations. Before, he worked for more than four years as a Technical Product Manager and Head of Research at inubit AG as well as another four years as a Senior Research Assistant at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam (Germany).

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  1. Dazzle Rogers

    I feel that the traditional approach of integrating mobile devices and processes by creating individual apps is more reliable, though it is time consuming.


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