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Coders for Bosch ConnectedExperience 2017

Kai Hudalla, Software architect

“I am all about connecting the T (things) of the IoT to the I (internet) and we’re not talking about a few Raspberry Pis. We’re talking about a cloud scale with millions of devices reporting billions of sensor readings. I am convinced that developing this kind of technology should not be left to one of the big vendors, instead it should advance within an open source community. Collaborations with others who have a different point of view helps incredibly with getting it right. That’s the reason why I represent Bosch in the Eclipse IoT working group, here 30+ companies and individuals discuss and shape the vision of an open source based IoT ecosystem. But you know what? The best thing about all of this is that I am involved in implementing this vision and working on these open source projects. Yes, now we’re talking real coding :-)”

Christian Renz, Director Portfolio Management IoT

“I’m a developer-turned-business manager helping to build the Internet of Things. Some people think that’s about building a botnet of security-challenged WiFi door bells, talking nonsense to each other. What I see instead: intelligent devices hidden in factories, buildings, and cars, busy making things work for people, rather than people busy making their devices work. This is also an important personal benchmark for me: creating things that solve real people’s problems. I like that Bosch focuses on improving the quality of life for everyone. I’m an optimistic person and hope we can use technology to improve our society.“

About Bosch ConnectedExperience

Bosch ConnectedExperience is the annual IoT hackathon that is part of Bosch ConnectedWorld. By learning, sharing, making and hacking, developers can bring their IoT ideas and products to life.

Join us and hack at #BCX17