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Bosch IoT Analytics – Track & Analyze

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A new cloud service for IoT analytics, jointly developed together with Software AG.

New Bosch IoT analytics cloud service

The new cloud service Bosch IoT Analytics – Track & Analyze, which we developed together with Software AG in a technology partnership, enables IoT solution providers to use what are known as geospatial analytics functions to detect typical motion patterns of their connected devices and use this information to optimize their products and services.

This cloud service can monitor and analyze various characteristics of devices in motion, for instance to determine when they enter or leave a certain area or whether they are in a particular zone. It also recognizes typical patterns of motion that correlate with user groups, allows to analyze unusual behaviors, and process them in real time. The new Bosch IoT Analytics service incorporates data-mining and machine-learning technologies and is based on Software AG’s APAMA processing platform.

Bosch IoT Suite – technology for the connected world

Bosch IoT Analytics – Track & Analyze is one of the Bosch IoT Suite services.

The Bosch IoT Suite is an open software platform for the Internet of Things that already connects more than five million devices and machines. These software services enable developers to quickly build, implement, and operate cloud-based and highly scalable IoT applications. The Bosch IoT Suite addresses the requirements of the most common IoT scenarios: reliable management of devices, machines, and gateways; secure access management; realization of software-rollout processes; connection of third-party systems and services; and data analysis.

Track & Analyze is a Bosch IoT Analytics service that Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) provides on the Bosch IoT Cloud and operates together with Software AG. Other cloud environments are supported upon customers’ requests.

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