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Bosch IoT Suite now publicly available on AWS Marketplace

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We published three of our Bosch IoT Suite services on the AWS Marketplace today. In addition to its availability in the Bosch IoT Cloud, the Bosch IoT Suite has been running on Amazon Web Services since March 2017. With the marketplace listing, Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) now allows developers to subscribe to our services directly using their AWS account and, in turn, to build their IoT solutions.

What’s in it for you?

Bosch’s IoT platform, the Bosch IoT Suite, provides all key middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated IoT applications from top to bottom.

Toolbox in the cloud for IoT developers

The following Bosch IoT Suite services are now available on AWS Marketplace:

Customers now have access to progressive service plans for each service. They can start with a free trial and gradually upgrade their subscription. Additional capacity is provided in accordance with a usage-based pricing model.

"Our customers ask for our reliable and scalable IoT platform in multiple cloud environments. Via the AWS Marketplace, we can now provide convenient self-service access to our IoT cloud services."
Caroline Buck, Product Owner Bosch IoT Suite Tweet this

With the AWS deployment, Bosch.IO continues to follow its multi cloud strategy, bringing Bosch IoT Suite services into whichever cloud environment the customer wants to build their IoT solution. Several Bosch.IO customers, such as MANN+HUMMEL, host their IoT applications on Amazon Web Services.

The following Bosch IoT Suite services are now available on AWS Marketplace

Extensive device management features

With the Bosch IoT Remote Manager, developers rely on a proven and feature-rich software that handles device management throughout the device life cycle as well as the management of assets and software. In addition, this service allows users to manage, configure, monitor, update, diagnose, and deploy gateways, sensors, and devices remotely; it also provides out-of-the-box support for the most common device management protocols.

Reliable and secure software updates over the air

Bosch IoT Rollouts allows you to manage and control software and firmware updates on constrained edge devices as well as on more powerful controllers and gateways. Devices can connect to the Bosch IoT Rollouts server either directly through an optimized interface or indirectly through federated device management servers.

IoT analytics helps you to get actionable insights from your device data

Bosch IoT Analytics services truly simplify the analysis of field data in the Internet of Things. In contrast to a typical project-oriented approach, our cloud services offer a cost-efficient way to handle recurring analytics functions. One such Bosch IoT Analytics service, the Anomaly Detection service, helps you identify any devices that send implausible data or behave oddly.

More on the Bosch IoT Suite

The Bosch IoT Suite is our open IoT platform for all domains, spanning gateway software, device management, software updates over the air & much more.

Ecosystems are the key to succeeding in the IoT. Our IoT platform leverages open source and standards.

Various projects are running on the Bosch IoT Suite. Check out some of them.

We also provide our device management capabilities on SAP Cloud Platform.

The Bosch IoT Suite is available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a comprehensive toolbox in the cloud.

Updating software (components) on constrained edge devices as well as on more powerful controllers and gateways is a common requirement in most IoT scenarios.

Bosch IoT Rollouts available at IBM Marketplace and IBM Cloud Catalog.