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Bosch IoT Suite expands on AWS Marketplace

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We are happy to inform you that, just in time for the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference, we have published three further services of Bosch IoT Suite on AWS Marketplace. This is another step forward in our multi-cloud strategy. Developers can book our services directly in the cloud environment in which they wish to build their IoT solution.

What’s in it for you?

Bosch’s IoT platform, the Bosch IoT Suite, provides all key middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated IoT applications from top to bottom.

Toolbox in the cloud for IoT developers

More than 8.5 million devices have already been connected via the Bosch IoT Suite. With the AWS deployment, Bosch.IO continues to follow its multi cloud strategy, bringing Bosch IoT Suite services into whichever cloud environment the customer wants to build their IoT solution.

Customers have access to progressive service plans for the Bosch IoT Suite services. Overall they can start with a free trial and gradually upgrade their subscription. Additional capacity is provided in accordance with a usage-based pricing model.

Services for digital twins, user management & IoT data management

Bosch IoT Things – Managed inventory of digital twins for IoT device assets

Bosch IoT Things enables applications to manage digital twins of their IoT device assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure way. As a result, Applications can store and update the data, properties, and relationships of your domain’s assets and be notified of all relevant changes.

Bosch IoT Permissions – Managed service for user, authorization, and tenant management

Bosch IoT Permissions enables you to manage users, groups, roles, applications, and tenants independently – including authentication and authorization. Also the service allows you to manage and monitor all relevant actions and permission allocations in accordance with compliance requirements.

Bosch IoT Insights – Managed service for IoT data management

Bosch IoT Insights is a fully managed cloud service that collects, processes, and stores your IoT data for further analysis. All in all, IoT data management provides the basis for optimizing devices and functions and developing new services and solutions. You can use this service to process data generated by any device.

Our first Bosch IoT Suite services were published on AWS Marketplace recently. Do you want to know more?

Book our Bosch IoT Suite services via AWS Marketplace today.

Bosch IoT Things enables applications to manage digital twins of their IoT device assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure way.

What is Bosch IoT Insights? Learn more about our service for IoT data management.

Bosch IoT Permissions enables the independent management of users, groups, roles, applications, and tenants – including authentication and authorization.