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Bosch IoT Suite services launch on Huawei Cloud

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Bosch.IO and Huawei are announcing a partnership to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) in China and to make the Bosch IoT Suite available to Chinese IoT customers on Huawei Cloud.

Stefan Ferber, CEO of Bosch Software Innovations and Zheng Yelai, the vice president of Huawei and president of Huawei Cloud BU, onstage at Huawei Connect 2018. Source: Bosch
Bosch and Huawei announced a partnership to accelerate the development of the IoT in China at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018. The collaborative agreement will see the two partners make Bosch’s IoT Suite software services available in China on Huawei Cloud.

The first service was published today: the Bosch IoT Remote Manager, a service for managing and controlling gateways, sensors, and devices, is now listed on the Huawei Cloud website. Additional services of the Bosch IoT Suite will follow in 2019.

“The demand for IoT solutions in China is rising. The partnership between Bosch and Huawei Cloud marks a decisive step for Bosch in one of the fastest growing IoT markets in Asia,” said Dr. Stefan Ferber, CEO of Bosch.IO. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Huawei Cloud to offer cloud-based IoT services providing various functions needed to connect devices, users, and businesses. I am confident that by joining forces our companies will advance the development of the Internet of Things in China.”

"China is driving the IoT platforms market in Asia with a high growth rate of 68%."
IOT ANALYTICS, IoT Platforms Market Report 2018-2023

End-to-end offering with IoT gateways and device management software

Following this announcement, Bosch and Huawei Cloud intend to develop an integrated end-to-end IoT offering. Huawei is developing IoT hardware gateways that will be per-configured with Bosch IoT Gateway Software and managed through the Bosch IoT Remote Manager to run on Huawei Cloud. This close integration will provide customers with a more complete IoT solution that is easier to deploy and manage.

Infographic illustrating how the Bosch IoT Remote Manager works. Source: Bosch.IO
"Asia emerged as the biggest IoT platform market region by implementation in 2017 driven by strong growth in China."
IOT ANALYTICS, IoT Platforms Market Report 2018-2023

First IoT projects already implemented by Chinese customers

Customers are already benefiting from Bosch’s IoT offering in China. A leading Chinese automotive manufacturer has chosen to deploy the Bosch IoT Suite on Huawei Cloud for updating its vehicles’ firmware over the air (FOTA). The solution is expected to be rolled out to millions of connected cars in China over the coming years.

Extensive device management features with Bosch IoT Remote Manager

The Bosch IoT Remote Manager provides developers a proven and feature-rich service for device management throughout the device life cycle as well as the management of assets and software. The service allows users to manage, configure, monitor, update, diagnose, and deploy gateways, sensors, and devices remotely; it also provides out-of-the-box support for the most common device management protocols.

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Most significantly, for consumers in China, the world’s largest automotive market, the Bosch IoT Suite enables vital services such as the Vehicle Management Solution, which is available locally on Huawei Cloud. This solution connects vehicles throughout their service life, providing the technological foundation for such cloud-based services as predictive diagnostics and over-the-air software updates. The software is the secure communication interface between the vehicle, the cloud, and the services. Data management enables vehicle manufacturers or fleet managers to organize vehicle data, analyze it, and keep the vehicle software continuously updated.

With offices in Shanghai, Bosch.IO has been active in China since 2012 and has successfully implemented IoT projects ranging from Industry 4.0 to connected transportation. In 2018, the company also established an IoT services delivery center in Nanjing that provides local consultancy and solution development for IoT projects.

China is a key IoT market for Bosch. Huawei is a strong local partner for our market entry and our planned business in the Chinese IoT market.
Jianguo Wang, General Manager China, Bosch.IO

Multi-cloud strategy benefiting global IoT customers

This announcement is the continuation of Bosch.IO multi-cloud approach for its Bosch IoT Suite customers: “Companies adopting IoT rarely go all-in with only one cloud provider,” says Caroline Buck, Product Owner of the Bosch IoT Suite. “They are selecting different cloud providers based on their own digital strategy, for example with a particular regional or market-specific focus.” In addition to its availability on Huawei Cloud and Bosch IoT Cloud in China, the Bosch IoT Suite is also available in other countries on other cloud environments.

"Our goal is to make the Bosch IoT Suite services available on the key cloud platform environments"
Caroline Buck, Product Owner Bosch IoT Suite

Huawei and Bosch.IO share open IoT vision

Bosch and Huawei share a similar vision for the IoT based on open source and industry standards and a commitment to building strong ecosystems in the connected domains of automotive, home, city, and agriculture. Both companies are also members of the Eclipse Foundation and serve in leadership roles within the Industrial Internet Consortium and the OSGi Alliance.

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