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Bosch launches IoT data management service

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We are happy to unveil a new service of the Bosch IoT Suite: Bosch IoT Insights. It caters to all needs in the area of IoT data management. By leveraging this data, customers are able to optimize devices and their functionality as well as develop new services and solutions. The service builds on five years of experience with IoT data management projects and already 25 customer projects worldwide use it.

How does Bosch IoT Insights work?

Bosch IoT Insights enables customers to process their IoT data from any device whatsoever. The service receives every data and stores it initially in a raw format via an FTP or HTTP interface. Alternatively, Bosch IoT Insights can send the data via Bosch IoT Remote Manager. After the data has been stored, the service then decodes, normalizes, enriches, and cleanses it. And after that, it analyzes the data with NoSQL/MongoDB and visualizes it using standard and user-defined dashboards. In addition, Bosch IoT Insights also features interfaces to common third-party data-analytics tools such as Matlab, Excel, and Tableau.

From data transmission to data visualization: end-to-end IoT data management support from Bosch IoT Insights Source: Bosch.IO
From data transmission to data visualization: end-to-end support from Bosch IoT Insights

Why it pays to leverage your IoT device data

There is huge reservoir of information in IoT data that still goes largely untapped. According to Gartner, 70 percent of all companies fail to analyze or use their IoT data in any further way. Indeed, a staggering 99 percent of the data generated by IoT devices remains unexploited. Yet sound insights in IoT data will enable companies to develop better products and customized solutions throughout the entire lifecycle. It will help enhance processes from the test phase onward. Also it will rapidly identify any field problems as well as create new data-based services.

From customized solutions for automotive applications to an IoT data management service for all sectors

Bosch IoT Insights builds on five years of experience in IoT data management projects. Source: Bosch.IO

All in all, we ran our first IoT data management project in the automotive sector back in 2013. The knowledge and experience we gain from such projects plowes straight back into the development of this new service for the Bosch IoT Suite. Today, more than 25 IoT data management projects across various sectors use Bosch IoT Insights.

How to make the most of agricultural IoT data

HOLMER, the world’s leading maker of self-propelled sugar-beet harvesting machines, is using Bosch IoT Insights in order to remotely diagnose and maintain agricultural vehicles.

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