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Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

Cloud Foundry Foundation – silver member

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Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications, as a silver member.

Cloud Foundry Foundation

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is an independent non-profit organization formed to sustain the development, promotion and adoption of Cloud Foundry as the industry standard platform for cloud applications. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Cloud Foundry is an Apache 2.0 licensed project available on Github.

Bosch Software Innovations (now Bosch.IO) joins GE Digital, IBM, Pivotal, SAP, VMware, and more than 60 other technology innovators as a Foundation member. Through its membership, Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) will support other member companies to jointly improve the features and usage of Cloud Foundry’s cloud platform for Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios.

“We picked Cloud Foundry to run our new Internet of Things applications and Bosch IoT Suite,” said Dr. Stefan Ferber, Co-CEO & CTO of Bosch.IO. “One major reason was the ability to deploy on multiple clouds or to switch cloud vendors. As a new member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we are happy to actively participate in future developments and be part of this developer community.”

Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) offers the Bosch IoT Suite as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a comprehensive toolbox in the cloud. The individual, highly available software services make it easier for IoT solution developers to perform their daily tasks and help them to rapidly release applications for the Internet of Things. The software services are already being used to operate and develop Bosch IoT solutions. The services of the Bosch IoT Suite have been integrated into the Bosch IoT Cloud marketplace. In the future, individual services will be provided on other marketplaces based on Cloud Foundry as well.

More information

Visit the GitHub page of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Check out the website of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Three of our Bosch IoT Suite services are now available on AWS Marketplace: The Bosch IoT Remote Manager, Bosch IoT Rollouts, and Bosch IoT Analytics – Anomaly Detection.