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Our IoT platform supports the energy standard

Do your devices speak EEBUS?

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With its standard-based, open Bosch IoT Gateway Software, Bosch.IO supports the global language for energy.

"The IoT and Smart Grids can only be successful when devices are able to communicate seamlessly with one another. EEBUS is opposing the confusing array of protocols with a global language for energy – the basis for genuine market progress."

Smooth and seamless communication between devices using the EEBUS standard

Smart grids and the connected world will become a reality only if different manufacturers’ devices can “talk” to each other across country and industry borders.

Graphic showing the EEBUS logo Source: Bosch.IO

This was the goal of EEBUS, developed as part of Smart Watts, a subproject of the E-Energy program funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The EEBUS initiative, in which Bosch is an active member, has been driving the EEBUS standard forward and published it in May 2016.

To counteract the silo nature of individual platforms and solutions, EEBUS creates a universal language that allows devices – regardless of manufacturer – to talk about energy across national and industry borders. This vendor- and technology-agnostic language is one that every device and every platform can use freely.

The Bosch IoT Gateway Software from Bosch.IO, which is already being used in over one million smart homes worldwide, now supports this language in addition to a wide range of other communication protocols. EEBUS plays a key role in an e-mobility project we are working to implement together with Hager Controls S.A.S. Further applications for smart homes and smart buildings are being realized as well.

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