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Join our user Erika on her fourth destination

Bosch IoT Suite user journey: pricing

Bosch Iot Suite user journey fourth destination pricing

Hello there and welcome back to our trip through Bosch IoT Suite! In the past few weeks, my colleagues Olaf, Matthias and Vanessa have led Erika through our quality management, development processes, and customer touchpoints. But something crucial is still missing on our journey – and it’s probably one of the things you’re most curious about: the price. So today, I’ll be giving you hard facts about hard cash!

Bosch IoT Suite Erikas user journey overview
Erika's Bosch IoT Suite journey from quality management to customer cases.

The best prices for your use cases

We noticed a few years back that especially for small device management projects, our prices were too high. That’s why in 2020, we completely redesigned our price model for cloud-based device management and made small tweaks to prices for our other services as well. Today, we’re more cost-efficient than our competitors for the most relevant use cases. To make sure we remain this competitive, we frequently calculate scenarios, compare our pricing models to those of competitors, and adjust them if needed. So, what do you think, Erika? “It sounds good in theory, but I’m most interested in the actual price and what it includes.” Good point. To answer that, I’m going to take you along on a short ride through the internet – and to our website. Come along!

Erika standing in a bank vault, surrounded by money

Fully transparent: our pricing calculator

Here on our website, you can see all pricing models we offer for any given product, from pay-per-use to fixed quota packages. You get to decide: if the quota model fits your needs perfectly, it will be the easiest and most comfortable option to go with. If not, the customizable pay-per-use model fits all use cases and ensures that you never pay for more than you use. “But how can I estimate my monthly costs for pay-per-use before deciding for or against it? I don’t want to buy the cat in the bag.” That’s what our pricing calculator is for, Erika! You can find it here on our website. Since our pricing models are complex and based on many different metrics, the calculator only includes those that are most important to give you a good estimate without requiring too much effort from you. It also shows you what drives the costs, so you can optimize accordingly. “That’s so transparent! Can we try it out right now?” Sure thing, Erika, go right ahead! Simply put in your own information here, like the number of devices you want to connect, and you can see the cost estimate change in real time. If you’re happy with the price but still unsure about our functionalities, we also offer free 30-day trials for a limited number of devices. This way, you can try out all our functionalities and decide for yourself if Bosch IoT Suite is right for you. Of course, you can always get in touch with us too, to calculate exact prices – if your use case is more complex than the calculator can account for, or if you simply want to talk to an expert. We’re always happy to help!

Erika in front of the pricing calculator

At our last stop, real customers await

I’d say that concludes our pricing stopover – unless there’s anything else you’d like to know, Erika? “Actually, there is! I was wondering if I could use device management on-site in my plant and how that would affect pricing.” Good question, we get asked that a lot. For pure on-premises and private cloud device management we have the well-established Bosch IoT Remote Manager. The cloud service Bosch IoT Device Management currently can’t be used in your on-site infrastructure. However, we are working to change that. In the future, we will have full deployment flexibility for Bosch IoT Device Management that will prevent you from a vendor lock-in with your cloud infrastructure provider, i.e., you will be able to switch cloud infrastructure or even switch to an on-premises scenario should you later decide to do so. That will mean adding a small service fee to the price, but we will keep you informed about the details once we know more. Any other questions, Erika? “No thanks, I’m all good.” Great! Then thanks for coming along, and we’ll see you next time for the very special, final part of our journey: Philipp will take you along to some of our actual customers and show you what they think of Bosch IoT Suite.

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