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Release 7.0 of Bosch IoT Remote Manager available now

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We are happy to announce a new major release of our market-proven device management software. Our product allows service providers and device manufacturers to stay connected with IoT devices deployed in the field. This connectivity provides remote maintenance and service support operations.

Device Management in the IoT

The Internet of Things is all about connecting things and machines; an estimated 15 billion devices will be connected by 2020. However, it is not just the number of connected devices that poses a challenge. We also need to tackle the diversity and heterogeneity of the things that we are connecting, and the different protocols and gateways in use. This requires a central device management software to connect, manage, control, and update all these devices.

Bosch.IOs’ Remote Manager takes on this highly complex task by managing and controlling millions of different devices in a broad range of use cases. It covers:

The architecture of the Bosch IoT Remote Mananger. Source: Bosch.IO

Bosch IoT Remote Manager

The ProSyst mPRM is now part of the Bosch IoT Suite, Bosch’s software platform for the Internet of Things. In line with this change, the product has been rebranded from release 7.0 as Bosch IoT Remote Manager.

The software can be used as a fully-managed cloud service in different cloud environments or installed on-premise.

New features

The Bosch IoT Remote Manager 7.0 provides new supported protocols as well as new features related to performance and maintenance of the system.

  • Support for MongoDB as an alternative to relational DB for retaining device data. This database option ensures better performance when dealing with a large number of devices.
  • Support for REST/HTTP- and MQTT-based protocols, which can manage custom device types
  • Maintenance, monitoring, and diagnostic enhancements

Please refer to the release notes for details on all new features, changes, and improvements.

“Best in Class” device management software

PAC, a CXP Group company, analyzed 14 companies in the IoT device management field. The study looked at device management and IoT data integration for the comprehensive and centralized management of connected devices. In particular, it focused on cloud-based device management, the networking of a large number of different devices, and IoT data integration (iPaaS).

The PAC analysts rated Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) as above average in several categories, noting in particular the company’s strong strategic focus on the IoT. In addition, they named the Bosch IoT Suite’s device management software the market leader in Europe, awarding it the “Best in Class” seal, thanks in part to the company’s strong references.

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