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Join our user Erika on her second destination

Bosch IoT Suite user journey: development processes

Bosch IoT Suite Erika's journey - development processes

Welcome back to our Bosch IoT Suite journey!

Last time, Olaf provided you and Erika with a first glimpse into our Bosch IoT Suite quality management processes. Of course, there are still some questions pending. I hope you’re not afraid of heights because this time, we’ll fly high together!

“Do I need a parachute?” No worries, Erika, I was only speaking metaphorically. You see, our processes are scaled into different flight levels as a general model. I now want to show you each of them. Come along, let’s board our first plane!

Bosch IoT Suite Erikas user journey overview
Erika's Bosch IoT Suite journey from quality management to customer cases.

Up in the clouds: the strategic level

Erika, welcome to our first flight level: the cockpit! From way up here, we can see the bigger picture and map out our strategy. In meetings with customers like Erika, we review what we have achieved over the past months, discuss what (if anything) needs to be changed, and plan the future roadmap for our products and services.

Meet our pilots: the product owners! As main contact point for our customers, their goal is to understand customers’ needs and to develop a vision and product strategy. Additionally, they drive developments in our team together with their co-pilot, the agile master. He or she promotes our agile mindset, uses tools like scrum and removes any obstacles that might obstruct our ways of working while also covering people management and organization development topics.

Bosch IoT Suite Erika in the cockpit

The helicopter perspective: our operational level

Time to move on, Erika, our next flight is waiting. Put on your headphones, it might get loud: we’re boarding a helicopter! At this altitude, we are working on concrete features for our services. We discuss technical details with customers to collect their feedback and have joint operational planning meetings of our service teams to check priorities and to optimize overall collaboration on common goals within our development organization.

While we’re here, I want to introduce you to a few of our crew members. The project security manager (PSM) ensures cyber security and checks that our IT security management processes are state-of-the-art, while the DSPiE (data security partner in engineering) knows about regional data privacy regulations and supports the product owners and developers. The Engineering Product Quality (EPQ) Manager supports and drives all quality topics within the product.

Our open-source management representatives also play a very important role in our teams – after all, Bosch IoT Suite is based on open-source software. “Wait, Bosch IoT Suite is based on open source? Then why should I choose Bosch.IO instead of using existing open source myself?” There are several good reasons: above all, savings in time and money. Using Bosch IoT Suite as SaaS (Software as a Service) is far more efficient and a lot easier. You don’t need to care about its operation, as Bosch.IO offers you stable and secure operations as well as the competencies and capacities you need to use the solution on your own. We follow the high regulation standards that are typical for Bosch. And finally, we offer you extensive and holistic service according to your needs. Let’s touch down and meet our DevOps teams!

Bosch IoT Suite Erika in the helicopter

Down-to-earth: the service level

As beautiful as the view was from up there, it’s nice to be back on solid ground! Down here, we have the service level. This is where our DevOps teams implement new product features and assure high product quality. “Oh, so are they the ones I can turn to for expert support?” Yes, Erika! Our DevOps are involved in our third-level support, which enables them to react to your queries as quickly as possible. “And what if my requirements change in the course of the project?” No problem: our DevOps teams will be there to help you and support you to match your requirements. Everyone in the teams is highly professional. They adapt state-of-the-art development processes like continuous delivery and are thus able to help our customers with changing requirements and with very fast recovery services in case of any trouble.

If you want to know more about how we implement customer needs into our products and services, join us in our next blog post, where we will take Erika along to some of our customer meetings and show her where she and her team will be involved in the development processes. And no worries: next time, we’ll stay firmly on the ground 😉

Bosch IoT Suite Erika at the airport

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