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Which IoT building blocks do you need for your project?

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All IoT projects have similar requirements, including aspects such as live data communications, data management and analysis, device management, and user management. Certain IoT building blocks can be defined within these, such as digital twins, software updates, bulk data protocols, analytics, device management, identity management, authorization management, and edge computing.

But which of these functionalities do you need for your specific project? And how can companies make sure they pick the right IoT building blocks for their specific use case?

In our workshops with customers, we encounter a wide variety of IoT use and implementation cases that, despite their singularity, display the same typical architecture. This has enabled us to identify the patterns, anti-patterns and IoT building blocks that form part of every IoT solution. We used these to create a puzzle that demonstrates how to identify reusable building blocks for IoT use cases. The next step is to assign these to different functional layers of IoT solutions, such as connectivity, storage, data processing, and interface layers.

In this video we guide you through the puzzle and show you how to structure your next IoT project.

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