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A company eBike for everyone?

man on a ebike Source: Bosch e bike Systems

The first half of the year is already behind us – can you still remember your New Year’s resolutions? According to a representative Forsa survey, more than one German in three admitted to not having exercised enough in 2013. Therefore, cycling (with or without an electric motor) often headed the list of good intentions: 65 percent of Germans aim to cycle more in 2014. Many could also imagine cycling to work more often in the future, and the eBike plays a leading role in their plans. In fact, 23 percent of working people could imagine cycling to work with an electric “tailwind” and leaving the car at home now and then.

Have a look at this infographic and video by Bosch IoT Lab’s PhD student Kristina Flüchter. One of the key questions in her research area was “What if the future brings a company eBike for everyone?” The trigger for this bold question was new German tax legislation, which puts a new spin on establishing the eBike as a central means of transportation. This new legislation treats company eBikes in the same way as company cars, making them also tax-deductible.

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