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Source: Bosch.IO

Starting your journey towards digital transformation: 3 factors to keep in mind

Veronika Brandt

Veronika Brandt was Head of IoT Business Consulting at Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations). She focuses on developing and implementing best practices for the strategic planning of IoT solutions.

My team provides consulting services for digital transformation and innovative IoT business models. This means that we support customers from Day One of their journey towards digital transformation.

Tip #1: Innovation needs guidelines

Do not start without an overall strategy and vision. Even the bravest teams and most innovative ideas will fail if the company is not prepared and committed.

Tip #2: Ensure alignment

For IoT business ideas to succeed, you need to involve all the key stakeholders: IT specialists and business experts as well as users (and their feedback)!

Tip #3: IoT is all about partnerships

Establishing value networks with true value propositions for all partners is crucial. Although this is initially challenging, it will become a strategic advantage!

"IoT is not only about connecting things. Most importantly, we need to connect partners that can jointly create great solutions."
Veronika Brandt

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