Do you care about good air?

Let’s be honest: Each year starts with plenty good “new year’s resolutions” and one of the most common is: Live a healthier lifestyle! I admit: For years I followed this principle. Christmas and New Year’s Eve passed with tons of good food and evenings with friends and family and some drinks here and there. So why not start with cutting down and changing to a healthy diet. Water rather than sparkling wine…

On the other hand: How much do we fuss about right food and drinks, while “good air” is most important for us?

How much do we know about good air? How much do we care about good air?

The facts below hit me like a hammer: I came across a brochure of the Swiss Organization SVLW that states the following numbers.

Average survival time of a human:

  • without air = approx. 3 minutes
  • without water = approx. 3 days
  • without food = approx 3. months

Could it be that we care less about what we need most?

Depending on age and activity, we inhale approx. 10-20 m³ of air per day – which relates to approx. 12-25 kg of air, on the other hand we “only” need approx. 3 kg of liquids or 1 kg of solid food.  While most of us have a pretty good understanding what we’d define as quality food and beverage, we seem to be quite ignorant when it comes to air or room climate.

We discuss about climate change on a global level, meanwhile we should also consider the climate in our rooms as very important. Europeans spend approx. 90% of their times indoors and WHO even defines what is called “SBS” – “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Unfortunately, our body only has limited capabilities to sense the best room climate for us. We have a very subjective feeling on the right temperature in our rooms, a huge lack in sensing too low humidity and almost no sensors for CO2 levels. Too high CO2 in a room can give us headaches after hours – on the other hand: There are many root causes to headaches these days, aren’t there?

The good news: Sensors are much more accurate in detecting CO2, humidity and other factors impacting our room climate. Let a smart system give you an alert to air out a room – and once you open the window, it toggles down your heating. It’s not only maximizing your comfort and wellbeing, it also helps you save energy and money.

Check out what Dominic and Thomas are working on at the Bosch IoT Lab (University of St. Gallen, HSG) to improve our room climate. Here is the video intro to their research project.


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Christian Heinrich

Christian Heinrich

Working for more than 15 years in international sales and marketing (mainly consumer products), following my time as a marketing consultant @ Bosch Software Innovations, I’m now sales and marketing manager at Bosch Thermotechnik, still focusing on connected and smart home technologies in the Internet of Things. Being highly mobile, my view is: Home is where your heart lives – besides my strong passion for technologies and gadgets, my family is the center of my life.