Lights off – spot on!

20131211_Infographics_IoT_Lab_Security_Light_150dpiIt’s funny how we’re conditioned to our light switches at home. Press a button and the lights turn on. Press the same button again, off they are.

But have you ever noticed what happened if the bulb is broken? It happened to me lately and I still believed that the magic would work. It didn’t.

On the other hand: How much more magic could our lights provide, if they were connected to the internet?

Wouldn’t it be great to …

  • know when to change the bulb, before it breaks?
  • have lights that turn on automatically when needed? Or off, once not needed any longer (especially in a kid’s room)?
  • have lights that support your moods throughout the day?
  • have lights that scare the thief away before getting interested in your home?

Have a look at the infographic from researchers of the Bosch IoT Lab at the University of St. Gallen and stay tuned for more insights on connected light bulbs.

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Christian Heinrich

Christian Heinrich

Working for more than 15 years in international sales and marketing (mainly consumer products), following my time as a marketing consultant @ Bosch Software Innovations, I’m now sales and marketing manager at Bosch Thermotechnik, still focusing on connected and smart home technologies in the Internet of Things. Being highly mobile, my view is: Home is where your heart lives – besides my strong passion for technologies and gadgets, my family is the center of my life.