Creating a vibrant ‘mozaiq’ for the smart home

For a home to be “smart,” all of its appliances and systems – e.g. washing machine, heating, lamps, window blinds – have to be capable of exchanging data simply and securely. And not only with each other, but with smartphones and tablets as well. A straightforward exchange of data among devices by different manufacturers is also crucial. People living in a smart home don’t want to worry about technical compatibility when operating their connected devices; they want the whole range of convenient services, spanning energy management, security applications, convenience, and entertainment. Due to a fragmented market built on different interfaces and non-compatible standards for communication and service delivery, that hasn’t been possible.

Today is a good day for smart homes. Why?

I’m pleased to announce that ABB, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Cisco Systems Inc. have launched an international joint venture, called mozaiq operations GmbH, to develop and operate an open-software platform for smart homes. This is exciting news, because the platform will help bundle together today’s mostly stand-alone solutions for home automation and offer interoperability across devices, independent of make or brand. Our hope is that mozaiq will be the foundation for innovation and diversity of products and services by providing a shared language to let things in the home interact.

Open ecosystem for smart home market

Besides the joint venture, we believe an ecosystem of equal partners to be of utmost importance in a connected world. Therefore, we’re planning on setting up a non-profit mozaiq partner alliance. Open to any manufacturer, software developer, industry association, or educational body, the alliance will serve to advance the development of the joint venture’s open-software platform. All the members will help in drawing up the roadmap for incorporating new ideas, trends, and standards as well as to improve the speed to market and enhance the quality of home automation solutions.

Why am I writing this post?

I am the interim CEO of mozaiq and will see the joint venture through its formation stage until a permanent CEO is appointed. I encourage you to get in touch with us and join the mozaiq partner alliance. We are open for business!

mozaiq partner alliance

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Dirk Schlesinger

Dirk Schlesinger

I was appointed TÜV SÜD's Chief Digital Officer in May 2016. In this position, I assume global responsibility for driving the digital transformation of the international service corporation. Before, I was the interim CEO of mozaiq operations GmbH and a Senior Director at Cisco Consulting helping leading manufacturers become more competitive by transforming their businesses through innovative digital technology. Before that, I served as the global manufacturing lead of Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group, also chairing its Asia Pacific team. My pre-Cisco career includes being a partner of the Boston Consulting Group in their Munich and Washington, D.C. offices as well as a research engineer at MTU. I hold an MBA from UC Berkeley, a Ph.D. in mathematics and a Dipl.-Ing. in Aerospace Engineering and am a guest author on the Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog.