Poll results: Innovations & Internet of Things

Web 3.0 is a smarter web, enabling better ways to share information not only for computers, but also for even the most common things of our daily lifes. Predicted by technology evangelists and market researchers as well, the internet of things and services will have large impact on our lifes. Being part of the Bosch group since September 2008, Innovations Software Technology has performed a lot of research on new ways to apply and enhance its technologies to contribute to the internet of things. Did you know? By the way: We will be Bosch Software Innovations starting 1/1/2011 with a largely extended offering regarding software, hardware, and infrastructure provisioning.

Poll result: perception and reality

In this context, we had called on the community to vote in which domains Innovations will contribute to the technologies of the future. Around 80 voters participated in our poll, here in the blog and at the German Java conference W-JAX in Munich, giving their perception of Innovations offering as of today. The percentage distribution of votes is displayed below, please note that multiple responses were possible.

Diagram Poll Results

Diagram Poll Results

Thanks to all voters for mirroring this valuable information from the market! Congratulations to the winner of the Bosch Espresso/Coffee machine TCA5608 at W-JAX, Andreas Daimer from Nauheim in Germany! Enjoy Java at its best. 😉

The future of healthcare lies in creating tighter connections between physicians, hospitals, rescue centers and patients by using modern technologies.

Innovations contributes software and hardware platforms and proven concepts for event-based communication and integration of telemedicine applications and hospital systems to this market. These platforms and concepts can be used for remote patient monitoring. Also, see Bosch´s offering: http://www.bosch-telehealth.com

To make electric vehicles widely accepted, it will take a sophisticated charging infrastructure, an intelligent system to coordinate vehicles, service providers, and utilities. Innovations develops a web-based software solution for charging infrastructure for Bosch, supporting and integrating all core processes for electro mobility. Also, see eMobility at Bosch: http://www.bosch-emobility.com

In the efficient industrial production of tomorrow, decisions will be made real-time derived from event-driven supply chains. Innovations rule-based concepts and platforms are e.g. used by manufacturers, fleet managers, and equipment leasing companies in predictive analysis to reduce downtimes of machinery (machine health), to detect anomalies in processes, or configure new or individual products.

So far, Innovations isn´t contributing to the media industry.

Energy Management targets to optimize energy demand and consumption in different ways, at utilities, at industrial, at communal or at private consumers. Innovations contributes software and hardware platforms and smart hardware moduls, e.g. for solar panels or windmill plants to this market. The software platforms build the base for distributed energy management and home automation, for example.

Increasing pace of urbanization and growing energy consumption require reorientation to renewable energies, effective recycling and enhanced transportation concepts within urban conglomerations. By contributing to eMobility and eEnergy solutions and developing systems for logistic services, Innovations is also touching the fields of eCity.

And of course, Innovations will stay active in the fields of Finance with an emphasis on eFinance. The offering via the internet channel and its effectiveness will be one of the major criteria for the banks´ customers to choose their financial institution.

Do you think these technologies are long way off or just around the corner? More to come soon… 🙂


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Stefanie Peitzker

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