Different perspectives on the Internet of Things

Internet of Things topics are spreading in the blogosphere. This particular blog is a manifest. But only in the blogosphere? No, not at all. We will also present a lot of different perspectives on it at various events this year. One of the events is the CeBIT 2012 in Hannover/Germany. There will be a series of presentations at our booth, which I would like to introduce to you, briefly.

  • The Internet of Things
    Stefan Ferber will present the vision of Bosch regarding the fields of mobility, energy, building automation, health care and industry.
  • A Platform for the Internet of Things
    Kai Hudalla demonstrates the architectural concept of our system and service platform and its impact on developing internet based applications on this platform.
  • BPM meets BRM
    Rules enhance processes with automation capabilities. Dirk Slama, Frank Puhlmann, and Veronica Brandt present how to combine rules and processes on a technical basis, as full automation of processes is crucial for internet of things scenarios.
  • Rule-based event management in the Internet of Things
    Rules and events is another inseparable couple in an internet of things world. The influence of events triggered by smart devices on business processes can be controlled via business rules. Markus Schärtel explains why and how.
  • The internet of things – a practical approach
    Dirk Slama, Frank Puhlmann, and Axel Meinhardt show how to combine device, data, rules and process management to build up internet of things applications and integrate them in business backend infrastructures.
  • Electric mobility for company fleets
    Patrick Lobert introduces our cloud servcies around electric vehicle charging infrastructures. This is exactly where the internet of things is alive and kicking as of now.
  • Energy management in the cloud
    Networking energy suppliers with consumers via internet in order to smartly control energy flows is a topic, Volkmar Foelsche covers in his presentation.

The presentations will be shown on a daily basis from 6th to 9th of March, starting at 11 a.m. CET at the Bosch Software Innovations booth in Hall 5. Important thing is, they will be presented in German. So, if you are at the CeBIT, why not attend? Take your chance to get in touch with me and my colleagues personally to discuss your view on the future, which will have a lot of things connected via internet technologies, I’m sure.


About the author

Caroline Buck

Caroline Buck

I hold a diploma degree of business management with a specialization in information systems and business process reengineering and work for Bosch Software Innovations since 2001. After more than a decade developing and consulting in the fields of enterprise java and web applications, I am working as the product manager in charge of Visual Rules. To give you a personal glimpse: I enjoy my lively life with my triplets, cooking, writing for different technology magazines aswell as for food blogs.