»How the Internet of Things Changes Everything«

What is a 21th century accolade? Would an article in Harvard Business Review count? For me, it does 🙂 My colleague Stefan Ferber got his accolade this week, guest authoring in the HBR Blog Network. He writes about the power of IoT changing everything and challenging traditional product business. With lots of examples, he shows how Bosch and other industrial players are preparing for IoT – and changes to their business models. He makes the case that in the Internet of Things two galaxies collide: New and “old” economy companies. He ends almost philosophically: “Will your company become a new sun, a planet, a minor moon — or be reduced to stardust?”. Judge for yourself – and join the discussion on our blog or the HBR Blog Network.

By the way, another interesting parallel to this topic: Stefanie Peitzker read Stefan’s article and immediately recalled a representative energy study from last year among 500 German energy customers (sorry to all international readers, it’s available in German only). There seems to be a shift in the German energy market: More than half of the survey’s respondents trust industrial companies such as Bosch and Siemens more to safely and better sell energy than traditional EVUs. Established business models, watch out!

Read Stefan Ferber’s post on HBR Blog Network

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Anita Bunk

Anita Bunk

I am leading the digital engagement & corporate communications team at Bosch Software Innovations and cover the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past, I was part of international technology and innovation marketing teams. What I enjoy most in my job is sharing with a greater audience the passion that engineers put in developing a high-tech product. My background is a master in communications and a diploma in political science.