Top IoT posts of 2014

A busy 2014 lies behind us. The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone through quite a bit:

  • Gartner put it on top if its hype cycle.
  • There have been several major acquisitions and market consolidation; find a selection here.
  • IoT projects and deployments gained momentum. Check out this map.
  • New IoT thought leaders emerged.

Ten IoT articles of 2014* that visitors of our blog enjoyed most reading

Fotolia_48948250_MIoT and big data brought together in commercial use cases

Dirk Slama is presenting two use cases from the areas of manufacturing, retail & logistics. The article also provides a white paper authored by MongoDB and Bosch Software Innovations.

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The developers were able to test their newly created apps directly on the car.Bosch’s first connected car hackathon

The first #BoschHackathon took place in Berlin. During 29 hours nearly 7,000 lines of code were created. The developers were able to test their newly created apps directly on the car.

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Infographic: Capitalizing on the Internet of Things 

Managers need to envision the valuable new opportunities that become possible when the physical world is merged with the virtual world. They must create organizations and IoT-based business models that can turn these ideas into reality.

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Business Model Innovation_2_ChrisBusiness models relevant for IoT 

The essence of Karolin Frankenberger’s talk at Bosch ConnectedWorld conference 2014. Her prediction for business models in the IoT: Competition will no longer take place between products, but between business models.

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Fotolia_452835345 impacts the IoT will have on manufacturing

In the CIO Talk Radio podcast “What the Internet of Things Means for Manufacturing”, Gartner analyst Simon Jacobsen sees five immediate challenges and possibilities posed by the IoT for the manufacturing industry.

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Impression from EclipseCon 2014 in San Francisco (March 17-20)The IoT will be built on open source

Our guest author Mike Milinkovich from the Eclipse Foundation knows four reasons why the Internet of Things will be implemented using open source software platforms.

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istock_000009129520_35 lessons start-ups have for the “old economy” IoT entrepreneur

If we want to achieve the exciting developments promised by the IoT, neither major corporations nor start-ups alone have everything that is required. We need the best of both worlds.

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Fotolia_55904737_XLQ&A with an Industry 4.0 Solution Architect

In a recent webinar hosted by element14, our Solution Architect for Industry 4.0 at Bosch Software Innovations, Verena Majuntke, discussed the relevance of the IoT in the manufacturing space.

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20140526_Blog_Images_Connected-Devices_597x397_V3Market size and connected devices: Where’s the future of IoT?

14 billion connected devices by 2022 and revenues of 596 billion euros spread across all players of the ecosystem. Are you prepared for the connected world?

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Green_BananasGreen bananas and the Internet of Things

What is true for smart phones, computers or, let’s say, TVs today will one day be true for cars, heating systems and watches, too: They ripen after delivery to the customer; just like green bananas.

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*random order

Two informative and inspiring articles that we recommend reading:

How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition
by Professor Michael Porter and PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann

Full HBR article


Which IoT publications had an impact on your thinking and business strategy? Please share!


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