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This blog’s motto reads: technology inspiring a connected life. So let’s think about it: should that technology simply be the vehicle that aids us in living a connected life on the earth? Or should that technology be the vehicle that also connects us to the earth, by giving us ways and means of taking better care of our environment? I believe the latter to be true, which is why I am so passionate about our e-mobility research project Get eReady.

On your marks… Get eReady… Go!

DruckIn the Showcase Region for Electric Mobility of Baden-Wuerttemberg, LivingLab BWe mobil, more than 100 partners from industry, science and the public sector explore application-oriented mobility solutions. Besides the Federal Government, the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Stuttgart region support the project network, too. Get eReady is one of about 40 projects within this showcase. And here’s the reason I am so excited about it: instead of targeting single users of electric cars, it’s about targeting fleet operators, and getting them to explore the world of e-mobility. These fleet operators will gain actual experience in how electric vehicle fleets can be run cost-effectively. And as a result, the plan is to have 750 new hybrid and electric vehicles on the roads in the Stuttgart region by the end of 2015. With the help of €4.7 million in funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, of course.

Along with Bosch, participating fleet operators will also be supported by other specialized partners from research and industry, who will cater to their individual needs. These partners include: Athlon Car Lease, the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), electrical and communications specialist Heldele GmbH, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

But apart from giving companies the opportunity to soothe their environmental conscience, what other reasons were there for them to take part? Firstly, the vehicle fleet operators have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the project and to get a free analysis of their existing fleet, before making any commitment. Secondly, for every licensed electric vehicle, the company receives a monthly subsidy of €160. And very importantly, while taking part in this field trial, the project participants will be establishing a networked charging infrastructure for their shared use. But let’s be honest, positioning yourself as a company with an environmental conscience in the process, won’t do any harm.

Wala leads the way

Wala Heilmittel GmbH is the first company to do just that. And the fact that they’re a commercial company who one wouldn’t necessarily think to associate with e-mobility (being a manufacturer and marketer of natural medicine products), is a good sign. Get eReady wants companies from all walks of business life to take part. Whether you’re a commercial, public, or non-commercial fleet operator, makes no difference. The wider the range of companies involved, the easier it will be to get a thorough overview of different factors that influence the cost-effective use of e-mobility.

What it’s all about

You are in need of an electrifying boost? Visit our website or write an email to and get more information about your possibilites to participate in the Get eReady project. Our next upcoming event is in March 2014., comparable to our latest event on 30 October, 2013 at Bosch’s headquarters Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe.

Participants turned up in a surprising number and tested a variety of the latest electric vehicles – and to experience e-mobility is of course an added bonus. I personally enjoyed the Tesla Model S as one of the highlights for a test drive.


The Tesla Model S, that I rode for a test drive 🙂


About the author

Georg Vrettos

Georg Vrettos

Georg Vrettos had been with Bosch Software Innovations as a Project Manager, focusing on eMobility. He believes that the Internet of Things can help to master the challenges of the 21st century such as resource limitation and growing urbanization. By connecting cars, drivers & charging spots electric vehicles can be efficiently integrated into car fleets and combined with other modes of urban transport. Georg was a regular contributor to the Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog till May 2015.