Urban electromobility in the tropics

Located south of the western Malaysian peninsula, Singapore is acknowledged to be a modern and technology-savvy city-state. Known for its many extraordinary projects and initiatives, some people like to call it a living laboratory.

Having lived in Singapore for two years now, I can definitely confirm that. One of these projects that gained world-wide attention is an electromobility pilot program. The so-called electric vehicle (EV) test-bed was initiated by the government in 2011 and is to evaluate the challenges and opportunities of introducing electric vehicles in Singapore. With Bosch Software Innovations being the appointed infrastructure service provider of the project, we recently were part of the Channel News Asia TV coverage about electric mobility in Singapore. Check it out!


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Stefanie Kowallick

Stefanie Kowallick

I am a Senior Digital Engagement & Communications Manager at Bosch Software Innovations and cover the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past, I had various international marketing & communications roles based out of Germany and Singapore. I have a degree in business administration from the Berlin School of Economics and started my career in Corporate Communications for a global telecommunications player.