Sun, stars, sensors: Monaco is becoming a connected city

Sun and stars, yachts and casinos. This is what Monaco has traditionally been known for. Soon, it will also be known for being a connected city. Bosch is helping the principality achieve this goal by providing the latest in network technology, installation of which commenced last November. The principality is ideally suited for this: densely built-up and populated, committed to sustainable development, and with a very strong economy.

The project ‘Monaco 3.0’ is an interesting test environment for developing new business models, particularly in urban mobility. For this, the urban infrastructure and public services are being linked together online. Examples include the public transport network, parking lot management, recycling and rubbish collection, and roadworks.

Check out this short video to learn more on the application areas:


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Anita Bunk

Anita Bunk

I am leading the digital engagement & corporate communications team at Bosch Software Innovations and cover the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past, I was part of international technology and innovation marketing teams. What I enjoy most in my job is sharing with a greater audience the passion that engineers put in developing a high-tech product. My background is a master in communications and a diploma in political science.