What connects Bosch and Singapore?

The only things you associate with Singapore are an airline or one of the most famous infinity pools? Definitely, that has to change. Did you know that Bosch is putting tomorrow’s technology on the streets of Singapore today with a dedicated connected charging infrastructure for electric vehicles? A special highlight: the quick charging stations. It takes only 30 minutes for a full charge by using one of these chargers.

Let me give you a few facts on this eMobility project:

  • 89 electric vehicles (EVs) from 50 companies and also government agencies
  • 5 different EV models (Smart, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Nissan Leaf, Renault Kangoo, Renault Fluence)
  • A driver portal, including a real-time map for locating an available charging station
  • Project is running since June 2011
  • 116 charge spots and 74 stations including 3 fast chargers
  • Flat monthly fee of SGD 180 for unlimited charging
  • It is a five-year test bed project, which involves various EVs and stakeholders, alongside the development of new business models

Bosch_Car_Hi-11 (2)

So now, what do you think about combining a free airfare, the infinity pool and an experience with an electric vehicle?

Well, here is your chance: Apply today for the Bosch World Experience – a tour through the connected world powered by Bosch with cool destinations: Singapore, Shanghai, Panama, Palo Alto, London… Get connected – registration closes May 16!


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Stefanie Kowallick

Stefanie Kowallick

I am a Senior Digital Engagement & Communications Manager at Bosch Software Innovations and cover the Internet of Things (IoT). In the past, I had various international marketing & communications roles based out of Germany and Singapore. I have a degree in business administration from the Berlin School of Economics and started my career in Corporate Communications for a global telecommunications player.