An unusual integration story: Teaming up business rules with data mining

Have you ever been confronted with data in abundance? Which approach did you use to find out if there is something of interest hidden in your data? Did you go for business rules or data mining methods? Anyway, you haven’t combined the two, isn’t it?

In my recent white paper, I describe how the two approaches can be combined to the best advantage in a direct marketing and a process control scenario.

There is an interesting graphic by James Taylor in his post on Decision Management Technology illustrating that the various techniques for analyzing data are seen as separated building blocks. Sometimes – though not by James Taylor – business rules and data mining approaches are even treated as competitors. I however think that the two have plain and simple different fields of application.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Then read my white paper Two Reputedly Opposed Approaches: On the Integration of Business Rules and Data Mining and tell me your experience with the exploration and analysis of large data sets.

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About the author

Irene Cramer

Irene Cramer

Irene Cramer is chief product owner of the data analytics cloud services that are part of the Bosch IoT endeavor. For more than five years, she has been part of interdisciplinary teams that foster the application of data-driven methods within Bosch. Previously, she worked as a research engineer on two AI projects within a large network of academic and industrial partners. Irene holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in Computational Linguistics and has published various papers and monographs on language technology, data mining, and business rules.