Integrating Visual Rules artifacts into your customized test and build processes (1/2)

The Visual Rules Team Platform offers the possibility to store your business rules in a centralized rule repository as well as an automated process for building and testing these rules. Business rules build on the Team Platform can be directly deployed to an Execution Platform in a test or production environment. From here, these rules can be exposed as Web services on Execution Platform. This makes the rules available in your enterprise and to your customers.

In most enterprises it is necessary to adapt some custom process steps before bringing the business rules into production. Visual Rules Team Platform 5.4 supports you now in adapting your own customized release steps (e.g. 4-eye-principle) to the release build process on Team Platform before bringing these rules into production.

How does it work?

Starting with 5.4 you can extend the Team Server build process by adding your own build script to the Visual Rules Team Platform which is executed as a so called “post build step”. As of now we can add a script that would allow us to deploy the rule artifacts to a pre-defined Maven repository or any other storage like a version control system or a relational database.

After making the business rules available on a central storage for later retrieval you can test and check the rules or whatever you have to do, to fulfill your own release process requirements. If the rules are passing these tests they are ready for production.

With our builder distribution it is now possible to download the rule artifacts and then deploy it to your Execution Server in production.

The following picture illustrates this process:

Rules Deployment

My colleague Martin posted a description, how you could add your customized build script and customize the Team Platform build process in practice. I would like to invite you to read his post Integrating Business Rules into Your Customized Test and Build Processes (2/2) and share your comments!


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