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5 questions for Stefan Ferber, Bosch Software Innovatons’ new CEO

1 min

Stefan Ferber

Stefan Ferber has been Chairman of the Executive Board of formerly Bosch Software Innovations GmbH (now Bosch.IO) since January 1, 2018. He has direct management responsibility for product development, business development, sales & marketing as well as HR, finance & controlling.

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In your opinion, what makes for a successful day?

I inspired someone, and in turn they inspired me. That and, I will have learned something new and important.

What do you sometimes get annoyed or angry about?

Bureaucracy – rules that are being applied without considering the bigger picture.

Workaholic or work-life balance?

I like to work and I want to understand technology so that I have a clearer picture of it. But, my family means a lot to me. That’s why I turn my attention off of work as soon as I’m on the way home. Family time is very important for me.

What quality do you value the most in a colleague?

I appreciate when someone uses their unique skills responsibly for our company.

Do you have a secret talent?

Had I not gone into software, I would probably be a carpenter today. If I need some time for myself, you can probably find me in the workshop in my cellar.

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