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Fascinating Internet of Things: What drives IoT practitioners?

3 min
Two men looking at a miniature truck. Source: Bosch.IO

The IoT is engendering far-reaching changes in many different business sectors. As such, it is a topic that affects people in many different professions, from software developers to executive managers. Why all this excitement about the Internet of Things? What drives the people who work every day to develop this technology? We asked IoT practitioners for answers.

“What excites me about the IoT is its endless possibilities. There is simply so much potential for innovation in this field. Everywhere you look, there are applications just waiting to be developed – either by creating new services or enhancing the features provided by existing products. The IoT also builds bridges between thematic areas and industries that, on the surface, have nothing in common. Companies that never could have envisioned working together before are now collaborating on the development of new ideas.
As for me personally, my enthusiasm comes from developing these new products with our customers at the intersection of different domains. Connected devices can be used to create applications that I’d never even dreamed of.”

Mark Müller, Director Internet of Things and Connected Agriculture at Bosch.IO

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