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Introducing Stefan Ferber, Bosch Software Innovations’ new CEO

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We’ve had some exciting changes this year at Bosch Software Innovations. At the end of 2017, Rainer Kallenbach stepped away from his role as Chairman of the Executive Board to assume the CEO position within the Bosch Group’s new Connected Mobility Solutions division. Taking his place as of January 1, 2018 is a familiar face around campus: Stefan Ferber.

Rainer Kallenbach handing over the CEO baton to Stefan Ferber. Source: Ruth Townsend
Happy faces at the Bosch IoT Campus in Berlin: Rainer Kallenbach (right) is handing over the traditional Bosch Software Innovations “CEO baton” to his successor Stefan Ferber.

Stefan Ferber joined Bosch in 2000 and has held various positions in research, software development and product management. In 2008, Bosch acquired a software company that eventually became the core of Bosch Software Innovations. This was an early and strategic leap for the company, bringing it one step closer to the connected future. Fascinated by the Internet of Things and the value software can bring to the connected world, Stefan was intrigued by this move and transitioned to the Bosch Software Innovations team in 2009. Not long after, he became Bosch’s first IoT evangelist and an industry thought leader.

"With my software and programming background, I feel responsible for the Internet of Things at Bosch."
Stefan Ferber, CEO, Bosch Software Innovations Tweet this

Stefan has been developing software since he was 16 years old. Today, he combines his passion for coding with his passion for the IoT and employs a variety of connected technology – from connected toothbrushes and thermometers to plant watering and heating systems – at home. It’s this excitement for real world IoT use cases that makes him a perfect fit to lead Bosch Software Innovations. The engagement between customers and IoT projects have been a great inspiration to Stefan.

“When we implement real-world use cases with our customers, we can improve how they run their businesses,” says Stefan. Doing so can bring new business models and revenue channels to life, streamline and automate processes, and make the lives of customers, employees, and citizens safer, easier and more comfortable.

In his latest position at Bosch Software Innovations, Stefan was responsible for developing and making the Bosch IoT Suite a leading IoT platform. Inspired by the emergence of DevOps and Scrum, Stefan was instrumental in transforming the development team of Bosch Software Innovations into a truly agile organization.

"There are no role models for digital transformation. In order to prepare for a connected future, companies have to simultaneously reinvent themselves while staying true to their DNA and collective experience."
Stefan Ferber, CEO, Bosch Software Innovations Tweet this

Shaping the next era of Bosch as a software and service company is what drives Stefan today. “And the very best place to do this,” he says, “is with the team at Bosch Software Innovations.”

Stefan Ferber and other Bosch Software Innovations staff are playing table soccer at the new Bosch IoT Campus Berlin Source: Bosch.IO
Stefan Ferber and Bosch Software Innovations staff are playing table soccer at the Bosch IoT Campus in Berlin.

The IoT is more for him than software, technology, connected products and business models. In fact, Stefan has had the same article posted in his office since 2009 – a list of the 15 global challenges facing humanity. The two that drive him the most? The global convergence of information and communications technologies, and meeting growing energy demands both safely and efficiently.

Stefan Ferber

Before joining Bosch, Stefan Ferber worked at the research center of DaimlerChrysler in Ulm in the field of 3D computer vision, robotics, and measurement technologies. He holds an undergraduate degree and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and an M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA. He is also a certified ATAM (Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method) lead evaluator by the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

For Stefan, following the Bosch Software Innovations’ mission statement of “We connect everyThing” is a way to help solve global challenges and contribute to the larger corporate Bosch motto, “Invented for Life”. He believes that by continuing to take a humanistic approach, IoT will transcend the way we live and work. His leadership ethos follows Robert Bosch’s original vision for the company, that “improvements in the world of technology should always be beneficial for mankind.”

“With Bosch, we have the ability to bring value to our customers and their markets,” says Stefan. Currently, Bosch Software Innovations has completed more than 250 IoT projects, connecting people and enterprise systems with more than 8.5 million devices.

"Software expertise is the key to the connected world."
Stefan Ferber, CEO, Bosch Software Innovations Tweet this

Stefan Ferber’s responsibility at Bosch Software Innovations will be for product and business development, sales and marketing as well as human resources, finance and controlling. Together with Chief Operation Officer Michael Hahn (a board member since 2012), Stefan is co-leading the board of management at Bosch Software Innovations.

“No one can do IoT alone,” is a phrase heard often around Bosch and attributed to Stefan Ferber. This mentality has shaped the IoT ecosystem and Bosch’s footprint in the open source community, including the launch of five open source projects within the Eclipse Foundation where Stefan is representing the Bosch Group as board member. He is also an active member of the European Internet of Things Council, and frequently provides keynote addresses at industry events. His 25-year experience and stance as an industry expert has garnered him regular appearances on IoT thought leader lists, including a coveted position on the “Top 30 IoT Influencers Of 2017”.

Interested in hearing more from Stefan? Find him on Twitter at @stefferber and Github.

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