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  • 2017 in review: Which were last year’s highlights on our blog?

As we’re running out of days in 2017 I would like to present you the top IoT success stories of the year. When compiling the list, I’ve noticed three things I’d like to highlight here:

  • The IoT has become reality. The foundation has been laid and IoT projects are growing, generating revenue, and making companies more efficient.

  • However, the IoT market continues to be a learning market, and large companies must be flexible and fast enough to meet the new demands they are facing.

  • Many blog posts on the list are about Industry 4.0. Not only is the manufacturing industry one of the first users of IoT, it is also playing a decisive role in the digital transformation. However, posts on agriculture are always among the most read. The global challenges are driving new applications, and Bosch.IO also has solutions for the AgTech. I am pretty sure that we will read a lot more about this in 2018.

1. AI in self-driving cars – beyond science fiction

Image showing how a self driving car sees its surroundings. Source: NVIDIA

A buzzword in recent years, artificial intelligence was also the subject of Jen-Hsun Huang’s presentation at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017. The co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Huang’s talk was a highlight of the event. This post describes how NIVIDIA and Bosch are helping advance self-driving car technology with AI.

2. How should large organizations adapt to a changing world?

changing world Source: fotolia/WavebreakmediaMicro

How can companies adapt to the inevitable change the Internet of Things will bring forth? Uwe Raschke, member of the Bosch board of management, on why large organizations have to find their own approaches to digital transformation.

3. How the Internet of Things will revolutionize agriculture

oyster leases tasmanian shore yield agriculture Source: Bosch

Have you ever heard about the “Internet of Oysters”? For anyone interested in how an Australian AgTech business is transforming Australian agriculture, this is a must-read by The Yield’s Ros Harvey.

4. Customer case study: IoT in agriculture, from oysters to apples

case study iot in agriculture Source: iStock/simazoran

How can we feed the world if the global population exceeds nine billion by 2050? Developing and advancing processes in the food sector is an important step. Read how Bosch IoT device management software enabled The Yield to make agriculture smart using real-time data.

5. Data analytics projects: from theory to practice

coaching Source: iStock/Rawpixel

At the end of a data analytics project, you may find that it has fallen short or even missed its goal completely. Here are some typical mistakes you want to avoid.

6. Connected canteen: how to lunch in comfort with the IoT

bosch canteen singapore Source: Bosch

How do you set the air conditioning to maximize comfort when everyone’s preferences vary? We select our preferences to suit our needs in many aspects of life. Now, the IoT adds temperature to the mix: Learn more about the IoT in action at the Bosch canteen in Singapore.

7. Industry 4.0 fact-check: Where do we stand today?

BCX hack challenge Source: offenblende

Which Industry 4.0-related topics were hot in 2016, and what did we expect to be current in 2017? Take a look back at Stefanie’s thoughts and predictions at the beginning of this year.

8. How do you become an Industrial IoT business model innovator?

Industrial IoT business model innovator Source: iStock/PeopleImages

Do you want to become an IoT business model innovator? My colleague Veronika Brandt presents a business model innovation tool that can help you do just that.

9. Eight IoT device management use cases

Close-up of an ioT gateway for device management. Source: Bosch.IO

The Bosch IoT Suite connects more than six million devices, machines, and sensors. Based on this experience, Ansley Yeo put together examples of device management that highlight the heterogeneity and diversity of the objects we network.

10. How Industry 4.0 and lean production are becoming best friends

industry 4.0 and lean production Source: Bosch

How can production systems be improved with the help of lean production and Industry 4.0? This blog post describes the ways in which Industry 4.0 and lean production are compatible.

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