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What is the Internet of Things?

For us the Internet of Things, Web 3.0, m2m, or cyber physical systems are much more than just buzzwords for the outlook of connecting 50 billion devices by 2015. It is a chance and a challenge to bring the internet and physical world closer to each other. We understand the Internet of Things along four dimensions:

Graphic with 4 dimensions of Internet of Things: business innovation, market, technology and competence Source: Bosch.IO
Four dimensions of Internet of Things

  • Technology: The internet and its technology are vivid drivers offering an established platform for interconnecting billion things – from tiny sensors, smart phones, PCs, to high performance computers. Open Source communities scale and accelerate the technology development and the implementation of open standards. Therefore, business moves to system and software platforms in the internet.
  • Business Innovation: Weaving smart things, enterprises, and people leads to innovation in services and business models. The spirit of internet business models is turning up in traditional product business (e.g. pay-per-use for car sharing).
  • Market: Different industries meet the first time as the Internet of Things & Services crosscuts some of today’s separate markets (e.g. Electric Vehicle Roaming with Energy and Mobility companies). The players of these markets compete and cooperate in new segments leading to business ecosystems that are linked to social communities (e.g. Google+) and open source communities (e.g. Eclipse).
  • Competencies: Software and system competencies linked to deep domain knowledge and enlightened with creativity are the core for innovation in technology and business.

Bosch.IO is committed to the Internet of Things. We would like to invite you as a customer or partner to join us on the quest ahead for all of us. Please share your thoughts right here, follow me on Google+, or meet us in person at Bosch ConnectedWorld – Bosch´s IoT conference in Berlin.

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