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Connected car: What do we want the future of mobility to look like?

Connected Bosch show car of the future Source: Bosch

When we envisage the car of the future, most of us think of scenes from science fiction films: flying, self-steering models with doors that open upward, that have their own personalities and talk to us like in Knight Rider.

Autonomy? Connectivity? Intelligence? Extreme speed? What will the car of the future offer?

Bosch connected show car interior detail Source: Bosch
The future of mobility? Turning connected cars into personal assistants.

Whenever we think of cars of the past, most of us start to reminisce: Sunday drives in a freshly polished convertible, or traveling the world in a VW bus. We always remember our first car, and the stories that went with it are a big part of who we are today. Our car reflects our individual personality.

But what stories do we want to write with our cars? The future of mobility is a transformation process that involves society as a whole, and we must all contribute if we are to achieve a positive outcome. To ensure that individual and societal requirements are not overlooked, we want to hear your opinions, thoughts, and ideas regarding the mobility of tomorrow.

Discussion on the future of mobility at re:publica

At re:publica, we will display the Bosch show car, which was unveiled for the first time earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas. This vehicle exemplifies a new kind of interaction between people and technology. It is equipped with huge displays, starts at the touch of a finger, and is operated using gestures and eye movements. When connected with your smartphone, it functions, for instance, as a personal assistant that can drive autonomously and also park itself. In addition, it can control your smart home, so household functions such as turning up the heat or setting the alarm system can be activated from the road.

Interaction between people and cars Source: Bosch
Integrating a new kind of interaction between people and technology: Cars can communicate with the smart home via the navigation system.

Taking the vehicle as inspiration, we are offering creative individuals and unconventional thinkers a space for discussions and workshops relating to the future of mobility. Bosch SoftTec and Car Multimedia look forward to your participation in Berlin on May 2-4, when you can join us in discussing the following topics:

What features should vans offer for nature-loving travelers? What does our aging society need in a vehicle, and what can we do in our newly gained free time while riding in autonomous vehicles? Do we want integrated treadmills? One-seaters for singles? Cars that fly and can fit in any parking spot?

These discussions will be aimed at finding out what you would like to see in the car of the future so we can optimize our designs for the mobility of tomorrow. To help us to better address all topics of current concern, please post your questions as a comment below the post.