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Source: Transparent House, The San Francisco Shipyard

FivePoint is working with Bosch to improve the quality of life for the people who live and work in the Shipyard area of San Francisco to create more livable, healthier and connected communities.

12,000 new residences, 5 million square feet of commercial space, and 350 acres of parks and green spaces – these are just three examples of the impressive figures resulting from “The Shipyard Communities”, a FivePoint and Lennar development project in San Francisco. Together with Bosch, FivePoint is working on intelligent solutions to ensure that the development of the community is climate friendly. The initial phase focuses on solutions in the areas of connected mobility and efficient living, with the aim of making the lives of residents as pleasant as possible.

Kofi Bonner, Regional President of FivePoint, gave a talk on “The Shipyard Communities” at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2016. I present this project below.

The Shipyard Communities

“The Shipyard Communities” pools the activities at “The San Francisco Shipyard” and “Candlestick Point”. The San Francisco Shipyard community is located in a long-dormant shipyard in southeastern San Francisco. As early as 1999, Lennar won the right to develop the area, which it did very successfully: the first families moved into their homes in 2015. Currently, another two families are joining them every week. Across the basin at Candlestick Point, where the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers played their home games until just a few years ago, a new shopping and entertainment district is emerging, with shops, workspaces, and a film and art center. This is to be a place where innovations are created, as well as better, more secure, and connected communities.

"It’s a place where people will live, a place where people will work, a place people will create, and we believe that they will also entertain there. That is the notion that stands behind The San Francisco Shipyard."
Kofi Bonner on “The Shipyard Communities"

An app offers localized, real-time information

At the core of the community services is the Smart Community app, developed in collaboration with Bosch.IO. This app allows residents to access localized, real-time information so they know exactly what is happening around them. Take mobility information, for example: they can see where the community shuttle is on its route between the city and The Shipyard Communities, or get details about local bus and train connections. In addition, the app connects residents with local businesses, giving them news or information on events and special offers. It also connects community members and residents with each other, providing seamless access to the community website and the blog. Community members, residents, and visitors can customize the app according to their own needs and desires. For example, someone who is interested in the local art scene, but less so in local sporting events, can subscribe to notifications accordingly.

The community administration, too, can interact with community members and visitors. For instance, administrators use the app to notify residents about community events. Residents, in turn, will be able to contribute to the safety of the neighborhood by reporting images or videos to the security staff.

Map of San Francisco showing where “The Shipyard Communities” are located.
The San Francisco Shipyard community is located in a long-dormant shipyard in southeastern San Francisco.

Enhancing mobility throughout the community

At Candlestick Point, solutions are being developed for energy- and cost-saving transportation. A connected-parking solution is currently being explored in order to help drivers in finding somewhere to park by guiding them straight to the nearest available space. This not only saves them time, it also reduces traffic in the district. Another goal for the future is to have smart cars that can park themselves. As they require less room for maneuvering and can park very close to adjacent cars, this will allow for better use of parking space.

Screenshots of the The Smart Community App used in “The Shipyard Communities” project by FivePoint and Bosch.
The Smart Community App allows residents to access localized, real-time information so they know exactly what is happening around them.

There are plans for a local DC micro-grid, connected with a software platform, to supply electricity for the lighting of the parking garage re-using solar energy production.

The four areas in which FivePoint is working with Bosch in the context of The Shipyard Communities can be summarized under the heading “connected life.” In addition to the Smart Community app and mobility solutions, there are already specific approaches in the area of connected energy and security solutions.

Collaboration to createbrand-new urban communities

“The Shipyard Communities” offers FivePoint the unique opportunity to help develop the city to the southeast. FivePoint wants to do so using a smart approach, and plans to continually reassess how and what it is building for the future.

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