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Smart city

Sun, stars, sensors: Monaco is becoming a smart city

Sun and stars, yachts and casinos. This is what Monaco has traditionally been known for. Soon, it will also be known for being a smart city. Bosch is helping the principality achieve this goal by providing the latest in network technology, installation of which commenced last November. The principality is ideally suited for this: densely built-up and populated, committed to sustainable development, and with a very strong economy.

The project ‘Monaco 3.0’ is an interesting test environment for developing new business models, particularly in urban mobility. For this, the urban infrastructure and public services are being linked together online. Examples include the public transport network, parking lot management, recycling and rubbish collection, and roadworks.

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  • 12. June 2014 at 21:28

    Like this. Is Bosch Software open to do the similar in another city (which is the pearl of another sea)? Local people, IT companies, businesses, universities and municipality will participate.


    • 15. June 2014 at 21:59

      Hi AS,
      Thanks for your offer – please private message me on @anitabunk on Twitter with your contact details and I will hook you up with the team.

    • 16. June 2014 at 21:39

      Thanks Anita,

      Please follow @samarin