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Smart grid

Berlin’s smart grid

Smart grid does not necessarily mean that everything has to be connected via the internet. In fact, we are convinced that “IoT implemented” means connecting things in the smartest way possible.

Stromnetz Berlin, the grid operator of Germany’s capital has proven that in this case the smartest way to ensure that the city’s inhabitants are never left in the dark unexpectedly is StromPager, a radio-based technology.

The key facts of this project

  • Berlin’s grid serves 3.6 million people, has 2.3 million connections, comprises 37,000 kilometers of power lines, and works 24 hours a day.
  • Now, with StromPager, a joint project of Stromnetz Berlin, Bosch Software Innovations, and e*Message, plants can not only easily be switched on and off, but also groups of facilities can be operated ad-hoc or scheduled with the click of a mouse.
  • Unstable or overloaded grid? Maybe a matter of yesterday. Surely not today!
  • By the way: Security and reliability are integral parts of this smart grid technology. When talking of IT security in the context of energy infrastructure in Germany, the high standards of BSI (Germany’s Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology) have to be fulfilled – which StromPager does naturally.
  • And of course, speaking of connectivity via Internet: this will soon play a growing role with Stromnetz Berlin implementing new use cases, e.g. by integrating weather forecast data to implement even smarter switching and demand response programs, or by integrating EV charging points into the smart city or other initiatives.

The metropolis on the Spree river is the first city in Germany to use this technology.

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