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Bosch Software Innovations runs Bosch IoT Suite on AWS

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Both companies are collaborating to make software services of the Bosch IoT Suite available on the AWS cloud for software developers. First Bosch IoT Suite services already running on AWS.

Software developers benefit from IoT-specific cloud services

The Bosch IoT Suite enables developers to rapidly build, deploy, and operate cloud-based IoT applications. Selected Bosch IoT Suite services are now also available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Bosch Software Innovations will be adding more developer previews in the course of the year.

"We take our Bosch IoT Suite to the cloud environments where our customers are choosing to build their IoT solutions. Therefore, we aim to make our IoT platform globally available on multiple clouds. "
Dr. Stefan Ferber, Senior VP Engineering

Complementing AWS offering for the Internet of Things

architecture graphic explaining bosch iot suite on AWS cloud platform
The Bosch IoT Remote Manager provides the basis for end-to-end IoT solutions

Cloud technology allows IoT companies innovate and grow their applications and connected products faster. The cloud-based Bosch IoT Suite provides software services, for example Bosch IoT Remote Manager and Bosch IoT Rollouts, which offer the capabilities to connect, manage, and update over the air millions of IoT devices in a secure and efficient manner. Combined with the footprint of the AWS infrastructure, these IoT services build a solid foundation for any type of IoT solution. Several of Bosch Software Innovations’ customers already host their enterprise and IoT applications on AWS cloud.

Filtration leader Mann+Hummel deploys IoT solution on AWS with Bosch IoT Suite services

Actively addressing new business areas – for example, offering condition monitoring for engine and wastewater filtration systems – Mann+Hummel’s IoT developers are building connected solutions around the company’s consumer, commercial, and industrial filter systems. The world-leading filtration specialist has long hosted its enterprise applications on the AWS cloud, so it is a logical next step to leverage AWS’s IoT cloud capabilities. Having an IoT software service such as the Bosch IoT Remote Manager available on AWS means that Mann+Hummel can now securely connect and manage their filtration systems in the field. Mann+Hummel is therefore able to enter the connected world and independently create new user-centric, service-based business models based on new data insights.

Bosch Software Innovations has designed, developed, and operated more than 250 international IoT projects.

Open IoT ecosystems

Bosch Software Innovations is committed to developing open IoT ecosystems. We are active members in the OSGi Alliance and the Industrial Internet Consortium. As a strategic member, Bosch is actively shaping open source developments within the Eclipse IoT Working Group. The Bosch IoT Suite builds on open source and open standards, which provides users with greater flexibility and maximum compatibility.

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